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Writing Contest: Sunrise (submissions close May 1st)

Announcing the winner of this contest and the recipient of 50% off to my September Montana writing retreat:

Erika Putnam

Thanks to all who submitted.  You helped the judges see the sunrise with new eyes.

I woke early in Florida the other day and watched the sun rise.  And I decided…I have not watched enough sunrises.  I find that when I do…something always happens. Especially when they include a watery horizon.

There is a story in this photograph. That bird knows something, if only that it needs to fish. I want to live that deliberately.

To that end…write me this story in 1200 words or less. The winner gets half off to my writing retreat in Montana this September 26-29th.

I look forward to your entries…  And I hope you look forward to your sunrise.

yrs. Laura

Send entries to laura@lauramunsonauthor.com

Submissions close May 1st.  I will announce the winner on May 2nd here and will send you a personal email.

Thanks for all your beautiful stories.  It’s been a true pleasure reading them.  If yours does not win, I invite you to apply to the retreat anyway.  It’s fast filling up, so if you are interested in coming regardless of the 50% off rate, email me.  The retreat is $1,800 which includes three vegan meals a day, private room, intensive small group writing workshops, private writing time, and one-on-one sessions with Laura, deep in the woods of Montana on a lake.  Email me and I can send you more info.  I am officially opening registration next week, but am making pre-registration available to writing contest applicants so let me know if you want to be put on the list regardless.  yrs. Laura





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Arizona Healing

Yesterday, I watched the sun rise over the snowy sharp peaks of Glacier National Park from a small airplane window…and followed it as it gave shadows to the Rockies all the way to Denver, and then watched as the mountains turned to mesas and the snow went to red and the sky swirled like this in the end.

It was the pinking of a day.

And now it smells like mesquite smoke and the air is dry in my nose and lungs the way it feels when it’s below zero in Montana.
Only there are bugs and birds and naked toes.
There are times to give.
And times to receive.


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