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Lower Expectations

Okay, what good is a blog if you don’t tell a dirty secret every so often. Or alot. In my opinion, it’s all about vulnerability and reaching out, so here ya go:

I’ve been wearing these crappy headphone things since 1989 to block out the noise when I write. I even wear them when I’m alone in the house sometimes because they hug my ears so hard I hear my heart beat and it makes writing very embryonic. And often head-achy, but I’m sort of a glutton for punishment that way.

You know when there’s something ridiculous in your life that you’re so used to, you don’t even notice it? Well thanks to my kids busting me with them on the other day and making fun of me (I got them at a hardware store somewhere– see heavy machinery operators, or airport tarmack workers)…I’ve officially asked for those $$$ Bose headphones with the silencer option for my b-day tomorrow. But I’m not sure I really want them. I’m happy with these, truth be told, but God forbid I embarass my kids. At least I don’t wear them on airplanes!

If you see me on an airplane anytime soon sporting $200.00 headphones and typing away on my laptop, feel free to wink at me. Which will be our code for, Yes I know I’m a dork at heart. Maybe I’ll keep them and use them while the kids are at school. Closet dork.



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Drinking Diaries


Check out my interview in Drinking Diaries. It’s a great blog!

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