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Haven Health Series #5


As a writer, I often forget to eat.  Having simple food around…brings everything into sync.  

Here is some love from Haven Writing Retreats.  Enjoy!


We have just one more space left on our 2016 Haven Writing Retreat calendar!

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One of the things I care about most is helping to change the tortured artist paradigm into the empowered artist reality.  So much of this has to do with self-awareness in the way we think, and that must be prominent in our relationship with food.  I like meat.  I like cheese.  I really really like wine.  When I lead my Haven Writing Retreats in Montana, the ranch which hosts us requires that we eat vegan.  (#ellendegeneres)  In general, I’m a healthy eater.  I like to be able to recognize whatever is in the ingredients of the food I buy and prepare.  Whole foods are my go to.  But before every retreat there’s a part of me that worries about going vegan for five days.  Writing can be hard work, and the idea of at least some toast with butter to comfort the muse is a thought pattern that I rely on probably more than I should, when there are good old fashioned vegetables in my refrigerator.  

At first, whether it’s psychological or physical, I feel a little like s**t.  Not gonna lie.  I seem to not know how to fully function without at least chicken, or salmon, or mayo.  My body doesn’t look at kale and salivate like it does for the steak I vow I’m going to eat the second I get home.  And then, every time, I find myself being grateful for every leafy green, every berry, every nut.  And I start to love the non-creature-given vegan diet.  Crave it, even.  And, well (you don’t want to know), my whole system starts to bow at the altar of it.  

As with cultivating every new habit, writing included, I believe it’s best to go slowly, carefully, naturally, kindly, and with ease.  A simple dressing is a good place to start.



GREEN GODDESS DRESSING *by Emma Love* one of our Haven Writing Retreat chefs.  “Best with lots of parsley!”


 Thanks to Emma Love at Love Uprising, her photos, and her recipes.  But mostly her love!  Her food literally vibrates with it!







Emma in the garden, gathering our Haven dinner!

Emma in the garden, gathering our Haven dinner!


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