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Glass sculpture, Dale Chihuly, Sleeping Lady resort, Leavenworth, WA


A brilliant beard of ice
As harsh and heavy as glass
Hangs from the edge of the roof.
The spikes a child breaks off

Taste of wool and the sun.
In the house, some straw for a bed,
Circled by a little train,
Is the tiny image of God.

The sky is a fiery blue,
And a fiery morning light
Burns on the perfect snow:
Not one track in the street.

Just as the carols tell
Everything is calm and bright:
The town lying still
Frozen silver and white.

Is only one child awake,
To splinter the shining stems? —
Knocking them down with a stick,
Striking the crystal chimes.

–Robert Pinsky, poet laureate 1998


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