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Montana Haven

Montana has been my home, my muse, my inspiration, my teacher, my challenger, my haven for over twenty years this month.  Here is my tribute to this Last Best Place under the Big Sky.

Come with me on an adventure of a lifetime!

Haven Retreats in Montana: email me:  laura@lauramunsonauthor.com

August 7th-11th (full)

September 4th-8th (full with a wait list)

September 18th-22nd (full with wait list) 



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Sometimes my family just gets in the car and drives. First we are all silent, and sometimes grumpy. Soon, we are far from our lives and in the wilds of Montana.  That usually means that there’s no technology available. Quickly we are laughing.  Last night we spent the night at a friend’s cabin up the North Fork because that’s where we landed and our friend was generous. We played Scrabble and lay around in grizzly bear territory feeling thankful for the woodburning stove and the sound of the river and the roof over our heads and even the outhouse. I find that these impromptu adventures are always more pure than the best planned luxury vacation. I think it’s good to be thankful for light, heat, food, and a place to lay your head with the people you love.

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