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Until 2011

Hi friends. I am taking a bit of a hiatus for a few weeks to play in the snow with my family here in Montana. Normally, I respond to each of you because I consider you gifts and because I learn from you and because when we share back and forth, something always happens in the way of abundance. I wish you all a joyous New Years and I’ll see you back here at THESE HERE HILLS soon. I will be reading your lovely comments and taking each one to heart.

In the meantime, I’m still offering ad space to my blog readers for a special rate, so if you have a business you would like to promote here, I promise to champion you and to feature you here, as well as in my cyber presence. I know what it is to feel like you have something you care about so much and not necessarily the platform to give it wings. I’m happy to use whatever platform I have to help. Let me know here and we can email about it.

Stay tuned for my January HAVEN newsletter which will feature the writer Susan Pohlman, author of the memoir HALFWAY TO EACH OTHER. We will be writing about the subject of endings bringing beginnings. Sign up on the home page of THESE HERE HILLS, or on my website: http://www.lauramunsonauthor.com in the left column of every page but HOME to get HAVEN, and come here to comment and share with Susan and me.



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Advertising with Integrity– only 15 spots, offered first to you, my dear readers

I need your input. I have so loved this blog and all the amazing people who show up here sometimes daily to read and comment. It really is all that I hoped it would be when I set out to begin it a few winters ago. This was before my book was published and I was sick of writing and not having readers. I did it on a whim and slogged my way through figuring out the admin and how to post etc. As a techno peasant, it was slow going. But now I can’t imagine NOT having this forum for sharing. I have made friends here, all over the world. We have shared stories from the heart and there has been so much integrity in the way in which people show up.

I have some old school writer friends who have enjoyed long-lived careers in books, and they simply cannot understand why I would spend so much time writing these little pieces and accompanying them with photos. They don’t understand why I’d run out of my writing room in a storm to photo the hail on the poppies and rush to get it on my blog. But that’s because it’s not on their radar. They’re used to living the unwitnessed life in their rooms of their own, and they’re happy that way. I used to tell myself I was too, but it’s lonely in my office, my husband and kids off at school and work, and me with a novel to write. I have been hard at it for so long and have my practice, my craft, what I do in a novel, very much in balance. But there are other windows of time here and if I lived in the city, maybe I’d fill them with art galleries or cafes or street music. One can only walk in the woods so long before one begins to wonder if she fell in the woods and no one was there to hear her fall, if she really fell at all.

To that end, I have loved being here, sharing my Montana-kissed life, and meeting you in words and images. It means the world to me. And while I love the no-advertising component I’ve chosen, this cow girl needs to do more to help support her family and I think there’s a way to keep it “PBS” esque, and have advertisements. I’d like to put this out to you before I start shopping around: I am wanting to find products out there, and when I say out there I mean wherever you are as I have readers in Australia, Israel, Belguim, you name it, that speak to the kind of integrity that we find here at THESE HERE HILLS. I want to support and champion people who are creating things that inspire people; that make the world a better place, that challenge us to think, and give us haven from the storm that life can sometimes deal. I want to get behind these products, places, people, and do more than just have them shine on the banner and along the sides of my blog, but give them cyber “ink,” featuring them in long term committment and connecting them to other writers and powers-that-be which might help get the word out on their behalf.

I would love your ideas for potential advertisers, especially if you are one of those people who has something you’d like to promote here. I promise that I will never change the tone of THESE HERE HILLS. I’ve turned down all kinds of advertising offers which don’t at all feel right for what we’re doing here together on this site. My hope is that my readers might be inspired by someone out there who has created something that appeals to them and which they might want in their lives in some capacity.

I have a 15 ad cap right now, so I’m offering this opportunity here first. You can email me at Laura@lauramunsonauthor.com for more details. I’m excited about this. I have always had a hard time putting a price to something. I had a lemonade stand as a kid and used to just give it away. But you can’t just give it away. Not always. Not when you wouldn’t mind health insurance again. And when the bills stack up…and up…and up. There’s a way to support each other in what we create without selling out. That’s who I am in this. And I want this platform I’ve created to do the same for others. Thanks and let me know. yrs. Laura


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