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We all need a safe Haven.  Somewhere to unplug from our busy lives, find inspiration, know that we’re not alone.  I find that Haven in my writing, and have since childhood.  It’s my practice, my prayer, my meditation, my way of life, and sometimes my way to life.  Sometimes I write for myself– to dig deeper into my understanding of this beautiful and heartbreaking thing called life.  Other times I write to help others know they’re not alone, and to hopefully help them in their own process.  So I started Haven.

Haven is a blog, a newsletter, a retreat, and an entire program which can help you find your unique voice, learn your craft, and complete your project, all with the key components of success:  community, mentorship, and experiential learning.  It’s a place to be vulnerable, honest, supported, and inspired.  It’s a community that you can find here, in your email in-box, or in the stunning wilderness of Montana.

HAVEN RETREATS:  (Haven Writing Retreats named in the top 5 writing retreats in the US by Open Road Media!)

You do not have to be a writer to come to Haven.  Just a seeker.  I designed Haven to meet you where you need to be met wherever you are in your life.  It’s a life-changing four day experience in which you:

  • dig deeper into your creative self-expression on the page
  • become aware of what gets in your way in that self-expression
  • learn how to break through to your unique voice
  • get the support and insight from your Haven community
  • are re-fueled by the pristine nature of Montana
  • breathe again…

For more information, testimonials, and contact info, click here or email me:  Laura@lauramunsonauthor.com


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HAVEN is about sharing. It’s about being vulnerable. It’s about being safe to express yourself and join in the collective We. We are hungry for these things and we are better for these things. I know I am.  Not everyone can get to Montana for a Haven Retreat!  SO…

Once a month, I send out an emailed newsletter in which I select a theme and write about it. Oftentimes I invite a guest to my newsletter to share his or her musings and wisdom on this theme. The hope is that those who subscribe to HAVEN will be inspired to come here to share similar musings, vulnerability, wisdom. Sometimes the theme is best served by having a live chat. In those cases, I designate a time, date, and web address, and meet you to share about that theme. Other times, the theme is better served in an open format where people can write in their thoughts as the spirit moves them.

My intention is to create a safe Haven, in this often push-button, knee-jerk and sometimes even cruel internet world, for vulnerability and sharing and compassion.

Each month I randomly select someone from the live chat to receive a free signed first edition hardback version of my New York Times and international best-selling memoir  THIS IS NOT THE STORY YOU THINK IT IS.

I look forward to what we can co-create on the page in heart and mind and honesty!

yrs. Laura


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6 Responses to Haven Retreat and Newsletter

  1. Janis Schmier

    I have a suggestion for an upcoming newsletter topic.

    Your book talks a lot about not sweating what we can’t control. How do we know what is really in our control?

    I have done a lot of thinking lately and find it hard to decide where others’ control ends and mine begins. So, where does a person draw the line to know whether to sweat or not to sweat?


    • lauramunson

      Thanks, Janis. How thoughtful of you to put your mind to my newsletter. I’ll think about this, beause it’s a great suggestion. Something tells me that most of what we think we are in control of is an illusion. yrs. Laura

  2. Ellen Lehfeldt

    Where in Montana? I’m in Central Montana…married to a sheep/cattle rancher near Lavina/Snowy Mountains. Heard you on NPR tonight. Thank you.

    • Jill Haywood

      Ellen…is that you? It’s Jill from New Zealand here!!! I have been trying to find you!! Email me!
      Jill Haywood (nee Fyfe)

      • Jill Haywood

        Hi Laura! Apologies that my response has nothing to do with your newsletter. It sounds inspiring. It’s just that I met Ellen in 1986 when I came and lived on her ranch from little ol’ New Zealand. She was living in Red Lodge at the time which was (and probably still is) this gorgeous wee town with real cowboys!!
        For a while now I have been trying to get back in touch with her as she inspired me in so many ways. So I guess it’s appropriate that I should find her on your website!
        Ellen if you read this email me on haywoods@ihug.co.nz
        Thank you Laura for your understanding – and for having this newsletter!!

  3. Trish Oberdorf – These pictures are amziang! Thank you for your time and for your beautiful work, Meridith! I cannot wait to see the rest! It was wonderful to see you again!

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