Free Fall– An Encounter With an Owl Today

IMG_0039I saw this owl today in our meadow. I’ve lived in Montana for 25 years on this meadow. We don’t see owls during the day. We don’t see owls unless we are very lucky and unless we are paying attention.

I needed to pay attention today.

I was butting up against some things that had me blocked and I needed to stop. And learn. I’ve learned that the art of stopping has great balm. No screens. No talking. No finish line.

So I stopped.

And the owl stayed a long time.

I think it killed something in the field and was having dinner. I didn’t need to know much about it. I just needed to stop.

I didn’t realize that until I did. And a calm washed over me that I really needed. And that I really needed to remember.

I went home and wrote a few words. You don’t have to write all of it. A few words can unbreak your heart. Write. Please. It will help.

Here are a few of mine. Simple.

What do we want?
How can we find our wholeness?
Our true purpose?
Our true nature?
Where is our fracture, and where are we in our own way?
How can we create our whole self?

Here’s how. We walk in the woods. Virtual or imagined or both. We go outside our comfort zone. That’s where life begins.

We jump

We freefall

We trust that we will land


We meet with ground, connection, love. Never alone.

I want to meet you there with your words and stories. I have a beautiful retreat for you. I want to help you with that freefall and landing.

Haven Writing Retreats
February 24-28
June 8-12
June 22-25
September 7-11
September 21-25
October 5-9
October 19-23


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8 Responses to Free Fall– An Encounter With an Owl Today

  1. This is stunning…in so many ways. Yes, sometimes in the middle of our stillness is the answer we need to take action. God I so love these owl pictures!!! TOTALLY AMAZING!!!

  2. Monica B.

    Good Morning!! What a blessing to have seen this majestic creature. By stopping we can listen and hear the silence. “We are all visionaries and what we see is our soul in things.” – Henri Amiel. Thus far, only one time, I’ve seen an owl. And it was in the day time, too. This mystical creature was perched in a tree overhead from where I was standing. It was in the silence where our eyes met. I’ve heard owls in the night time, but very rarely. When these moments occur I feel like it’s a one-on-one with the great mystic. I’m creating my whole self and discovering fractures, locating my self-imposed road blocks, and finally learning to be my own cheerleader! Laura, I truly enjoy your blog and I’m glad I stopped by. I hope to attend one of your Haven Writing Retreats in 2016. Thank YOU for being here and sharing. ;-)

  3. Wow, these are beautiful photos AND words…I saw an owl once at night and it actually hoo-ed at me…unforgettable.

  4. Katherine Cox Stevenson

    Beautiful words gorgeously accentuated with the stunning photos. SO glad to be a Haven alum.

  5. Jan Myhre

    Incredible post, Laura.

  6. Priva Brookshire

    Laura…this is stunning in its wisdom and simplicity. A “God moment” for you, my friend. A gift given to you…and passed on to me. Thank you!

  7. Laura,

    I love this blog post, and am reminded the serentity that comes from stopping. The wisdom from you and the owl shot straight to my heart.

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