Ten+ reasons why I live in Whitefish, Montana

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(*note:  You’d think it has to do with skiing and golfing…but it doesn’t.)

Because I can go outside to get something out of my car naked.

Because if the UPS guy drove up while I was getting something out of my car naked, he wouldn’t make a big deal out of it.

Because I can go into town in the same outfit I slept in and no one would even notice and if they did notice they’d say, “Good for you.”

Because we have old fashioned streetlights with hanging flower baskets on them, an ice cream parlor, a toy store, a hardware store, and a brewery (and a whole lot of other cool locally owned stores and restaurants).

Because when you go to the Post Office, people ask you about your kids by name.

Because the health food store owners know more about my digestive tract than I do.  And they hold my babies when we load the car.  (I love you Rick and Dawn.)

Because we have a Winter Carnival where grown-ups dress up like Vikings and Yetis and Queens and Kings and ride floats and jump into a frozen lake.  And lots of people come to watch and think it’s fun.

Because it doesn’t matter how much money you have.  And nobody really cares, if they do know.

Because we’re all the same in a snow storm.

Because we’re all the same in a forest fire.247505_10151347732866266_244248466_n

Because we’re all the same when there’s a grizzly bear or a mountain lion on the trail.

Because the Great Northern Railroad comes right through town and I can feel connected to my hometown Chicago, and another favorite old haunt, Seattle.

Because Glacier National Park is on a lot of people’s bucket list and for us, it’s an easy answer to the question, “So what do you want to do today?”

Because we believe in our wandering rights and have 26 miles of non-motorized trail meandering through our greenbelt, with more to come. (The Whitefish Trail)

Because we have lakes and rivers all around us.

Because it serves up things to write about daily.

Because we have a Farmer’s Market that everybody goes to, even if it’s hailing.

Because people care about the Arts here, (not just about skiing and golfing).

Because on school field trips, my kids go snow-shoeing, ice-fishing, and skiing.

Because they broadcast the local high school football game at the grocery store.

Because people read the local paper.  That’s all we’ve got, anyway.

Because at Christmas-time, we string the same vintage bells across the street as they used in “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

Is that ten reasons?  I need to drive my kid to school in my pajamas now.  Oh, and I need eggs.  But maybe I’ll just get those from the neighbor’s chickens.

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15 Responses to Ten+ reasons why I live in Whitefish, Montana

  1. Don Stifler

    Such wonderful reasons. Most I relate to where I live inNorthern Wisconsin. Love your mind. Dad

  2. Katherine Cox Stevenson

    When I came to Whitefish for your Haven in February 2013, I LOVED that town. Right away I knew I could easily live there and would seriously consider it if I wasn’t Canadian. Can’t just pick up and move to the US. Will come back for a visit though. Great article on a great place!

  3. Jill Sasso Curtis

    Can’t wait to get there! Sounds like my kind of place. :-)

  4. Jan Myhre

    Oh, dear Laura, I love you list of ten plus reasons. I could probably go on and on, too. I’ll send you my “Why a Woman Loves Montana” poem when I find it.
    My hometown was a bit more conservative, but had the same friendly vibes and that welcoming mindset. I loved going in and out of all the local businesses and being greeted by name, asked about school and my folks. Maybe that’s why I’ve moved around so much (eighteen times at last count). I just couldn’t find a town that measured up.

  5. Stephen Brockmann

    Shad graduated 1962. Retired AF, DoD Civil Svc., Organist Senior Yr at Shattuck, have returned to school for most reunions except while overseas.
    Grad. BA U of Nebraska 1966 MS Systems Mgmt. USC 1979.

  6. Amanda B

    Because you occasionally see a horse being ridden down Central Ave.

    • Bonnie Shanks

      Coming to Whitefish next week 9/18/15 Do you know a name of the best motel to stay in Whitefish? Not into B&B’s just a nice motel in the area with a nice view or quaint surroundings Thanks!

  7. Laura, this is wonderful! Thanks for the smile and for the reminders of what we locals sometimes take for granted.

    I’d also add to your list- some of the best restaurants ever!

    Big hugs and thanks for sharing,



  9. Lynne Boschee

    Aaaaand, now I’m homesick. Grew up in Whitefish and my mom and dad helped start the Winter Carnival.

  10. You live in a gorgeous area. I’m coming to visit in three weeks and dragging the relatives with me. Can’t wait!

  11. Stephanie Rooney

    Thank you so much for the information. That’s the kind of stuff you can’t find when your trying to decide where to move. It’s very much appreciated.

  12. Frank ZApata

    I’m a Remodeling Contractor from Louisiana Seriously wants to move to Montana I’m also a reserve Deputy Sheriff. any input?

  13. dave waters

    Love it, looking to buy some land nearwhitefish in the next few years! Sounds amazing

  14. Maureen Kathleen Rogers

    I loved your article! Especially the pic and reference to it’s a wonderful life. I am from Seneca Falls, NY. The town It’s a Wonderful Life “Bedford Falls” was modelled after. I am researching Whitefish as I am manifesting winning the HGTV home built there! See you soon!

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