Writing inspiration from Haven Retreats

Teachers say that they are always students.  I have the pleasure of working with writers almost every month in some form.  Here is some of the wisdom I’ve gleaned and put into my own words.  My daughter has a powerful and unique way of seeing the world.  These are her images.  There is simply nothing more delightful to me than co-creating with people I care about.

Ten more brave souls arrive in Montana on Wednesday from all over the country.  I simply cannot wait to teach…and learn.  Enjoy!




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3 Responses to Writing inspiration from Haven Retreats

  1. What a unique and fun way to blend the art of photography and the wisdom of words. Simply beautiful! XO

  2. What a unique and fun blend of the art of photography and the wisdom of words! Simply beautiful! XO

  3. Jan Myhre

    What terrific fun! Collaboration is always an adventure. Doubly fun when done with your own child. As a life long teacher/learner, I’ve often known the thrill of learning from children.
    Grandchild quote of the day:
    I love everything. Everything in the whole wide world…except for tigers. They eat you. ~Miss Rhiannon
    I say “good to know.”

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