Montana Haven

Montana has been my home, my muse, my inspiration, my teacher, my challenger, my haven for over twenty years this month.  Here is my tribute to this Last Best Place under the Big Sky.

Come with me on an adventure of a lifetime!

Haven Retreats in Montana: email me:

August 7th-11th (full)

September 4th-8th (full with a wait list)

September 18th-22nd (full with wait list) 



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4 Responses to Montana Haven

  1. Yve Sturman

    Don’t think maybe! Just go!!! And forever view the world through hopeful and inspired eyes….

  2. Katie Crane

    A beautiful tribute to a beautiful state from a beautiful, strong woman!

  3. Ali

    I found another “Last Best Place under the Big Sky” … in the Swiss Alps. Since I moved here, I’ve been looking for heart-shaped rocks in the raging river which runs through town. I haven’t found one – but how funny to think – that although we haven’t met, you meet me on my walks (or pass through my mind, as I search for the heart-shaped rocks). The river flows down from a glacier, so I’m very confident that special rocks must turn up.

    But really, rocks aside, I wanted to say thank you Laura. Your book helped me (substantially) through a very difficult time. I kept believing, because of your story. You taught me much.

    From my alps to your mountains,

    • lauramunson

      I’m so glad my book landed in your heart, Ali. May you find many heart-shaped rocks as a reminder of how strong your heart beats. Thanks for letting me know. yrs. Laura

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