Creativity Can be your Lifeline

Come with me on an adventure of a lifetime!
Haven Retreats in Montana:
August 7th-11th (Now Booking)
September 4th-8th (Now Booking)
September 18th-22nd (Now Booking)

Thank you to Stacey Gualandi at The Women’s Eye!

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  1. Jan Myhre

    Wow! That was great! I’m forwarding this piece to a friend of mine who is part of the Spokane Children’s Authors and Illustrators Society. Hopefully she will pass it on to her cohorts.
    Spent the weekend taking in a wonderful wedding in Portland, OR. My youngest son was there all the way from Jacksonville, FL. We had what I call “adult time” together. Such a blessing to relate to my spawn on that level. We really are very funny together. His dad the introvert simply rolls his eyes. No matter. We let him tag along because we love him.
    Gadzooks, I love Portland. See you in September 2014! ~Jan

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