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I just had that attack: Summer is almost here. What am I going to do with my kids? And then I remembered I live in one of the most beautiful places on earth. A place where people come from all over the world to visit. Northwest Montana is a stunner from now through September and I’m going to spend as much time taking advantage of its beauty as possible. Hiking in Glacier National Park, the Jewel Basin, the Whitefish Range. Riding horses in its woods and meadows. Swimming in its rivers and lakes. After the dormancy of winter, I’m going to refuel my Muse in my beloved Big Sky country. And I encourage you to do the same.

Come out to my neck of the woods this August or September. Do one of my Haven Retreats. And tag on a few days to have a solo adventure, or one with family or friends. Travel and renew. Two trips in one. Montana awaits…

Here are some ideas to get you thinking:

Take a scenic drive through Glacier National Park on the Going-to-the-Sun Road, an engineering feat completed in 1932.
Hike in Glacier National Park.
Visit Wild Horse Island on Flathead Lake.
Pick your own fresh cherries along Flathead Lake.
Golf one of nine of the area’s magnificent courses.
Saddle up for a guided trail ride in Montana’s mountains.
Enjoy Downtown Kalispell and Whitefish shopping and eating establishments.
Experience whitewater rafting on the North Fork or Middle Fork of the Flathead River.
Fly fish on the Flathead River.
Take a hot air balloon ride.
Go skydiving.

August 7th-11th (Now Booking)
September 4th-8th (Now Booking)
September 18th-22nd (Now Booking)

Here is what a past retreater has to say about Haven:

When I first signed up for the February 2013 Haven Writing Retreat, I was hesitant. Hesitant that, at 25-years-old, I was “too young for this sort of thing.” Hesitant I was not a good enough writer. Hesitant to take a stand for myself and my writing, even if it wasn’t good writing. Heck, I was hesitant to go to Montana in the middle of February. But my hesitations and fears melted away as soon as I stepped onto the grounds of the beautiful Walking Lightly Ranch and met Laura with a warm and welcoming hug, as if we had known each other for years. What happened over the next three days was nothing short of amazing—I met and grew close with my fellow retreaters as we broken open our wounds by writing on the page. We dug deep and pushed ourselves to write honestly and share our stories.

With her humor and willingness to “go there” in her own writing, Laura creates a writing retreat that truly is a haven for all people—young, old, new writers, seasoned writers, non-writers alike. Everyone has a story. Everyone deserves to take a stand and take a break and take a chance. I did. And I came home with new friends, a fresh perspective and many tools I still use that have helped me become a better writer and a better person. If you are thinking of going to the wilderness of Montana, I ask—no, I urge—you to just go. Life is short. Go. And see for yourself how amazing this experience is. You—and your writing—deserve it. –Lindsay Henry, Wisconsin

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  1. Kristin Meekhof

    I just started your book. I think about it throughout the day as if I know you as a friend. I hope to attend one of your events soon.

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