The Glamorous Writing Life

Kelly Corrigan and Laura Munson Books Inc. San Francisco

So I wanted to be a published author. For A LONG TIME. I used to go to bookstores and hear writers speak and put my head in my hands and pray to God that I could just have the bravery to ask that one question. In fact, I would sweat that question the whole reading. “How do you do this writing life thing?” That was really what I wanted to know. How? How? How?

I asked a few of them. Isabelle Allende. Natalie Goldberg. Anne Lamott. They told me to pray. Put inspiring messages under my keyboard. Make mango tea. And I did. And I wrote. And yeah– I got published. And here I am…still writing. And wondering. And TRIPPING OUT on the fact that people come to hear me say things at bookstores and at conferences and at my Montana Haven retreats. With that same look in their eyes, head in their hands. I so get it. And I just want to say one thing: DO THE WORK! No tea or inspiring message or prayer (well maybe prayer) can help you. The work is IT.

I just had the pleasure of doing a gig with the fab writer Kelly Corrigan in San Francisco. My daughter took this photo as we were walking in. I can promise that the two of us felt honored that people showed up to hear us have a conversation about life etc. And I can promise that we both felt a bit weird too. We happen to write. And people read what we write. And that rocks the free world, especially after writing a LOT of things that nobody has read. (see: me…not Kelly).  Still, I love that my daughter captured this moment in which we are two women, walking into a bookstore with an audience waiting, with our bags and our hopes of delivery, and our vulnerability. We even had a heckler. So there you have it. The ego really never explodes. We just keep creating. May you create something you love today. yrs. Laura

p.s.  Kelly is FREAKING hilarious!


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  1. I love this post. I love it’s lightness, it’s sense of karma, and it’s message to Do The Work. And I love the fact that someday when I’m talking about my book and I have a heckler, I will remember that it is really no big deal. Life (and my book signing) will go on. Thank you so much.

  2. Marcia A. Sherman

    Laura and Kelly -
    I did not go to bookstores to hear writers speak, I read (almost) every book ever written on HOW to write. About 7-10 books in I finally got it. Just show up. So easy and so hard. I also revised my expectations. Becoming a published author to make scads of money was not working. Self-publishing my book in order to give it away, spreading my message of healed and blended families after divorce is just the right fit. And if someday some publisher says, “hey let me help you with this” – great! Finally, I looked to a different path – non-fiction essays and flash fiction – and my goal was reached. Just show up, revise expectations, try a different path.
    Thank you both for your wonderful books –
    Marcia A. Sherman
    Writer for Llewellyn Worldwide

  3. From one of your biggest fans ! ;)

    Spending time with you and the rest of Haven Retreaters (i.e. family) taught me that courage can mean just showing up- not listening to the shame voice that keeps one down. Also, staking out time for yourself and writing is crucial to, well, you know, writing! And that are efforts count. Published or not.

  4. Tal Abbady

    I´ve just discovered your blog and really enjoy your posts. I look forward to reading your book…I too had an essay published in ML, and there was interest in a book from a publisher (a lifetime dream) but I just couldn´t get myself to write it, a lot of inertia and fear in the way. So your story and your message about creativity and life are wonderfully compelling.

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