Road Trip Tonic

It’s good to go from the mountains to the ocean. It clears the head. Here is the short of a 30 hour road trip. May you stop. Breathe. Notice. Lollygag. Watch birds. Wait for sunsets. Linger in the afterglow.

Trusty rig

Clark Fork-- MT

Burger and Guiness on tap in Paradise, MT

Roll on Columbia

OR giveth the grape

Bouyed by this passage to the ocean

Oregon Coast


Moss covered and rain kissed PNW

Coming home to Montana. The Theory and Practice of Rivers


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5 Responses to Road Trip Tonic

  1. I enjoyed the journey and pics. Thanks for the trip, Laura!

  2. Jan Myhre

    Kalispel, MT, the end of September and the Oregon coast the end of October for me. Life just doesn’t get any better than that. Thrilled that you had such a terrific adventure. ~Jan

  3. Brewer

    Beautiful photographs!

  4. Alison

    Beautiful. I am always the most amazed at your photos of Montana. I cannot imagine what it’s like to live in a place that beautiful. One day I hope to find out.

  5. Mara Owens

    Whoo Hoo! Love road trips! Especially when “going coastal!” I recognize all of the views in Montana and Oregon. Felt like I was right along with you for the ride. Thanks for sharing. M

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