The Glamorous Life of the Author

Novel in progress

It’s been a while since I’ve joined you over in These Here Hills. I’ve missed this terrain. However, like most writers I know, time for doing our primary work, if in fact book writing is just that, becomes rare. I re-booted my priorities this summer and will probably do so into the winter, as I try to finish the novel I’m working on and lead my writing workshops and retreats. I’ll send notes from that terrain as I go.

In the mean time, just in case anyone thinks that the writing life is glamorous…here’s the current state of my novel:

On my office floor
Warped and wrinkled from bath-tub editing
And now wet and dirty from a naughty black lab
I figured I’d leave it blurry too, since that’s what it looks like to me without my reading glasses these days
And since I like to edit in the bath-tub, it’s a bit of a foggy mess. Any advice on that one?


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5 Responses to The Glamorous Life of the Author

  1. No advice…just agreement! Do you edit with a pencil or a pen? Best of course, for bath tub editing is something that will write upside down, hence – the pencil suggestion. Dry washcloth on side of tub for drying hands and there you have it – instant Bathtub Editing. Hmmm…did I just admit that I do it too?

  2. Jan Myhre

    I’m afraid I have to admit I edit as I write…ON the computer…too tight to print out the pages. Oh, well, you’ll have that. And I fall asleep in the tub so that’s out. Just keep keeping on, Laura.

  3. Jennifer R

    I feel good knowing that your novel began in a bathtub, since it is in a bathtub that I will read it. Keep up the great work, Laura.

  4. Alison

    I’ve been wondering where you were and was just thinking I’d send you a message to ask if you’re on vacation. Glad you’re back! And so glad you’re working on a new novel. Btw, people think opera singing is glamorous too because they see me onstage in such fancy costumes. They don’t realize that the other six days a week I’m sitting in hotel rooms, knitting, missing my family, and unable to go out much because of the risk of germs, or talking too much, or getting too worn out. My scores are almost all warped, with crinkly pages, because I like to work on memorizing music in the bathtub! So, no advice from me!

  5. Fiona Leonard

    I feel you…

    I had a beautiful plotting plan spread out on the bed while I was trying to fix a continuity/action crisis. It even had colour coding. Then the dog jumped on the bed and walked across the middle and the colour coded pieces ended up all scrunched and dirty.

    Yep, it’s a glamorous life…

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