Road-tripping it this Summer?

Country Living magazine has a great article about insider things to do across the United States.  They asked their favorite bloggers in each state to give them a local pick.  I chose Chico Hot Springs in Pray, MT– in the Paradise Valley south of Bozeman.  I go down there twice a year, usually in Fall and Spring.  I love the drive.  I love the vibe.  I love the scene.  I love the pools.  I love the restaurant, especially the orange flambe…  And I love that I can bring my dog.  Here’s the article.  I just spent my morning devouring it.  Now I’m hankering for a road trip!  Enjoy!  yrs. Laura


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  1. Sue Young

    Oh my gosh! I live in Valrico Florida, and went to Chico Hot Springs 5 or 6 years ago. We stayed at the Johnson’s bed and breakfast cabin and went to the hot springs. I was just thinking of my trip there and this morning put on my Chico Hot Springs T-shirt to walk my dog! It is 89 here and starting to get humid. I am a 6 th generation Colorado native and I wish I was there! This time of year we start to sweat and there is no stopping until maybe late October…….

    • lauramunson

      Ain’t life great? I love it when stuff like that happens. You should go back! It’s such a cool place. Glad you know about it, Sue. yrs. Laura

  2. Jan Myhre

    My visit to the east coast has come to an end. Chico would have been on the list if I wasn’t headed back to Spokane and some cool high mountain valley weather. NYC was as exciting as ever with a trip to MOMA and the New York Botanical Gardens in the Bronx. MOMA was mind blowing, but the Gardens would have taken at least two days to enjoy. They were installing a Monet exhibit…plants and paintings…some paintings have rarely been seen. It opens June 1st. I just might have to go again in the fall! The time in FL with the granddaughter was blissful and such a joy. I shed a tear five days later as she walked away in the airport holding her beautiful Mommy’s hand. (If I go back any time soon, it will have to be cooler weather.) St. Augustine was lovey, but much too busy and waaaaay too hot. Oh, well, you’ll have that. (My pick for a road trip would be the Botanical Gardens in the Bronx.) Looking forward to September!!!

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