A Book’s Life

This is a writer’s dream– to witness one of his or her books being or having been devoured. Dog-eared. Bloated from a bath-tub session. Coffee stains. Red wine stains. Tear stains.

Today I received this gift in the mail. It’s a photo of my book, loved and worn by a faithful reader. I really do believe that the book takes on a life of its own. I really do believe that ultimately it’s between the book and the reader.

People ask me all the time what it’s like to have written a memoir about something so deeply personal.  My answer is this:  if you write with compassion and responsibility, you can write about anything.  People are hungry for heart language.  People want to know they’re not alone.  That is a writer’s job.  This weekend I’ll be teaching a memoir writing workshop in Montana for the Authors of the Flathead.  The truth is, no one can really show you how to write your truth.  To me it’s about learning how to get out of your own way by asking powerful questions.  It’s about understanding the sacred space of creation.  You sit in your quiet room somewhere and you release the work with the intention that it will help someone out there.  That it will land in someone’s lap and heart.  That you will give them cause to pause.  Dog-ear.  Underline.  Join in the dance of the collective We.

So for all you writers out there, look deeply at this photo.  You are doing important work in the language of heart.  Your words matter.  Believe in your book.  It wants you to.


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  1. Kathy

    I love this photo!! I dare to say that there are hundreds of thousands of her “sisters’ in this world that share the same family resemblance! I know my copy has many folded pages, tears and yes, a wine stain or two!
    When you live from the heart and speak from he heart, as you do, it is contagious!
    Honestly Laura, “This Is Not The Story You Think It Is…” was instrumental in so much of my recent growth. It holds the highest place of honor on my bedside table—no, not just the top of the stack, but the absolute go to book!!! Your thoughts and words may be printed in ink, but they are also embedded in my heart!!!

  2. Jessica

    I love this.. and, I love the fact that you acknowledge the fact that people LOVE your book, and believe that it has either improved or awakened their senses in life! I read it twice, and passed it on. I ordered a second copy, and passed that one on, as well. There is something special about sharing a book that truely speaks to you, and just like you said- carries on a life of it’s own. Keep up the great work!!

  3. Wow. That’s amazing on two counts–to have that effect on someone, and also to have that person reach out and share the evidence. You are very blessed.

  4. Jade

    I’ve shared this with you before and I’ll share again…

    Your heartfelt story has helped me change the way I view myself in my personal relationships and my attachment to suffering. My copy is in my bathroom when I’m there, on my kitchen table when I’m there and on my bedside table when I’m there. I refuse to share it with anyone. However I have purchased a few copies for friends as I feel this book is an easy read and can help anyone ready to embrace themselves fully sans ego.

    Yeah my copy is lovingly-shredded.

    • lauramunson

      I love that my book is following you around as you move through your house. Thank you for letting me know, Jade. Thank you for being its messenger. I wrote it to help people know they’re not alone. yrs. Laura

  5. Jan Larson Myhre

    More than 50 years ago I made some foolish choices which eventually ended in divorce. Even if I had the privilege of reading your words of wisdom then, I don’t think it would have made any difference. But, I can tell you this, reading these words today at the tender age of 70, I came away with a heart much healed and full of gratitude. My spiritual journey has brought me thus far to a place of openness and awareness and I thank my circle of friends for that. That place has allowed me to benefit tremendously from your own journey through “the summer that was.” Thank you from the bottom of my healing heart.

  6. Wow. Just wow. Every time I read your words Laura, you continue to amaze and empower. And bring hope. Thanks for your spirit, and your gracious heart.

  7. Jaime Stathis

    Oh Laura, This is just wonderful and comes at just the right time for me, as these things do. Thank you (again and again and again) for letting your heart shine the way it does.

  8. lauramunson

    Thanks, Steph! Sometimes I feel like it’s easier to have courage for writing than it is to have courage for living. You are very kind.
    RE: your message, I’m not finding it on my Italy post. You can send to laura@lauramunsonauthor.com and I’ll get it for sure! Sorry about that. yrs. Laura

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