Summer Vacation

I’m hanging up a Gone Fishin’ sign for August to enjoy summer with my family and do some good old fashioned novel-writing. Enjoy the rest of your summer and I’ll see you in September! Here are a few highlights of the last few weeks of Montana-ness. yrs. Laura

Red Eagle Falls, Two Medicine, Glacier National Park

Whitefish Lake

Mama moose in Aster Meadows-- Glacier National Park

Two Medicine Lake from Aster Lookout-- Glacier National Park


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5 Responses to Summer Vacation

  1. kirsten

    awesome pics, lmao at the last one–thought it was a big hunk of elk meat, then realized it’s a heart-shaped rock. either way, cool! enjoy August, i intend to do the same :)

  2. Terry in Colorado

    Wow! I thought it was a little face. It would be a skeptic with mouth pinched and pulled to the side wearing a monicle. But, “Hey”, what do I know! The important part is that your son’s face says it all!

  3. Kathy

    I hope during your time off you have the opportunity to visit your favorite “fishing hole”! I just returned from a week at what I call my “best thinking spot”. May this be a time of clarity, relaxation, creativity and much inspiration! I am anxiously awaiting your next book!

    Enjoy! (but selfishly I am going to miss my visits to “These Here Hills”)

    All the best,

  4. Jan Larson Myhre

    Since I collect heart shaped rocks found in Montana, I knew immediately what I was seeing. Enjoy your family.

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