Montana Mudpies

When my children were very young, I often read them a wonderful book I love called Mudpies and Other Recipes by Marjorie Winslow, who is a shirt-tail relative of mine. We had many mudpie parties where the kids made up a menu and served their creations to their dolls and stuffed animals. I love that at fifteen and eleven, my children are still making them.

Here are a few sample recipes from Margorie’s book, and what they inspired in my yard this fine summer day:


Pine Needle Upsidedown Cake

Sage Sushi
Sunflower Torte

Sunflower Torte

Tea and Toast

Tea and Toast


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5 Responses to Montana Mudpies

  1. Kathy

    What beautiful creations! These pies are so artistically decorated and perfectly presented!!! At first glace they look like dark rich chocolate pies that I would love to dig into! Kudos to the “bakers”!!!

  2. Leslie Miller

    Absolutely darling. Thank you for sharing this delightful recipe.

  3. Kelly Brown

    wow they sure have inherited your knack for presentation of food and can even make a mudpie look appetizing. Lucky dolls and imaginary friends! Cool !! Seriously if they are still doing that at their ages……confirmation on the benefits of raising kids in Montana…mudpies and playing in mud puddles seems to be of a bygone age for mine already….used to have to put construction fencing around my garden when the tomatoe plants we seedlings…now….they only go in to pick and eat..not play or god forbid weed.

  4. Sweet mud-pies! Simple living…I love it. Creativity reigns!

    • lauramunson

      ‘Tis true. There is such a thing as a good old fashioned summer! Thanks for plugging creativity, Kathy! I’ve just dragged my kids off the couch and they’re making meatballs all on their own after much debate. I feel like TV sucks dry our creative juices and I wish I had the courage to throw it out the window! I love the Food Network too much. But then again…it inspires, yes: creativity. yrs. Laura

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