Lost in Translation?

A lot of things have been blessings in disguise from this journey of book, but one of the greatest ones has been knowing that my words are reaching people all over world.  Wow.  Wow.  The UK has been amazing. So have been the Auzzies and Germans. Thank you.

Hearing from a blind woman in Israel who tells me that my book helped her through the greatest loss of her life and that is the death of her seeing eye dog to cancer.  This is the power of story.  To know that my words, written here in my small room in Montana, are being translated around the globe:  well that is just hitting me.  And it’s hitting me hard.  Today I got my words in Chinese. 
And recently in German. Soon in Dutch, Italian, and in Taiwanese.
Universal truth is universal truth.  It crosses oceans and countries and cultures.  Thank you.


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10 Responses to Lost in Translation?

  1. That’s very, very cool Laura! How wonderful to see all those beautiful versions of your book.

    It speaks too to the universality of emotions that your books are resonating with people around the world.

  2. Kathy

    With all the people world wide that you have heard from it is obvious that your message was NOT lost in translation! It is also a wonderful reminder that “people are people” regardless of race, religion or place of origin. We all share similar thoughts, feelings, beliefs and emotions! These are the common threads that bind us.
    That must be awesome to see you book printed in so many different languages….the question is, how many of them can you read?

  3. angie

    hi Laura, i buy ur book in Chinese at first, and my sis also brought me back English version fr US. thank you.

  4. Awesome! My travel experiences coincides with Kathy’s words – “people are people”. Our cultures may dictate our lifestyles, but we all have the same capacities to love, learn, be, etc. I am so excited that your book has broadened its borders!

  5. Nina Lescher

    Your book changed me. As a writer and as a woman and wife. I’m so glad people all over the world will be able to have their heart warmed and strengthened by it. I plan to share mine with a friend who is currently seperated from her husband. It’s great to receive your blog in my inbox as well!

    • lauramunson

      Nina, such kind words. Thank you. I’m so glad my book foound you, especially as a writer. The artist doesn’t have to be “tortured.” Write on! yrs. Laura

  6. Dee

    Dear Laura,
    Almost twenty years ago, Crown published a book about Dulcy –the cat who wanted her human (me) to be a one-cat person. Her book was also published in Japan, Korea, China, and Germany published. I have those renditions of the book on the shelf nearby. They remind me that people everywhere love cats. and the relationships we human have with them. So I understand your wonder at the universality of human emotion. Your book has touched a deep chord within the heart of many readers. The story you shared has blessed their lives. I’m so happy for you.

  7. Silvia

    Il suo libro e’ arrivato da poco in libreria in Italia e per chi ha vissuto esperienze simili a quelle raccontate e’ stato come ascoltare le parole di un’amica…. Grazie per averlo scritto :-) ))
    “In bocca al lupo” per la sua carriera di scrittrice
    Con affetto

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