Well, today marks the birth of my book baby in paperback!  THIS IS NOT THE
STORY YOU THINK IT IS:  A Season of Unlikely Happiness (Amy Einhorn/Putnam) hits a bookstore near you as I write, scrambling to pack for what will be almost two months on the road.  My head and stomach are buzzing with excitement and the usual nerves, knowing I will be encountering so much energy out there that I don’t  have in my quiet little Montana life.  Some
of the highlights I am particularly thrilled about are:  Speaking at my alma mater, Denison University, tomorrow , going on CBS’s The Early Show on the 11th, being a panelist at the Reinvention Convention in LA on the 23rd of May, hosted by More magazine, with fabulous co-speakers like Rita Wilson, Lee Woodruff, Christy Turlington, Mel Robbins and many other inspiring
women.and reading at some of my favorite bookstores across the country.  The one which will be most full circle, is the Harvard Coop in Cambridge, MA, where I got my first job out of college working at a flower shop, writing my
first novel, and spending my lunch hour turning pages in that hallowed hall. I have heard from so many Parelli people this year and I want to say thank you for all your supportive, generous, spirited mail and blog comments.  I
feel a kindredness with horse people and to that end, I want to share a small moment with you.

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  1. Kathy

    Once again you’ve poured such honest and soulful emotion into this piece. There are so many experiences to live into along this journey, and I am confident that you will and savor it all.

    I understand your connection with your horse. I myself am not an “animal” person, but my sister, my mentor and my best friend is. So I do understand the place from which you are coming.

    Today I went to Barnes & Noble on my lunch hour to see how your “baby” was adjusting to her new life. When I got there she had not been yet moved from the “delivery room” to the “nursery”, but as a proud “cousin” I snapped a few photos. I did forward one to you….and I will be honest when I looked at it, it did amaze me….the horseshoe appeared as if it was gold! I didn’t get it then, but after reading the balance of this post on the Parelli site…..I do…..it was a message back to you from your companion who has carried you through thick and thin, the good times and the bad……..saying ” Back at you!! I am traveling along with you in more ways than you know.”

    All the best,

  2. Gina

    I first came across your powerful essay as I searched the internet for answers. I am going through the pain you talk about in your essay. My husband recently said he wanted a divorce. It doesn’t feel right to move out right now. I don’t think he really wants a divorce. He’s gone through a lot that has given his ego a big hit. Anyway, I intend to go see if I can find your book. I am having such a hard time taking care of me while going through this crisis. I can’t eat. I can’t sleep. I feel like a walking zombie. And it is incredibly hard to act like everything is normal. Thank you again for telling your story. I printed off your essay and keep it with me as a reminder that I can find strength to get through this even if it doesn’t have the same outcome as yours.

    • lauramunson

      Gina, thanks for finding me. I’m so sorry you’re going through this challenging time. I have found that it is possible to find calm in the eye of the storm, to use the pain, to learn what it is to truly be in the present moment, to get in touch with the inner critic and to love her into submission. Keep saying to yourself, “I am enough. I am enough.” And be good to yourself. I think my book will help you. I wrote it for that purpose. I want people to know that there’s freedom in the moment– in answering the question: what can I create. You can create happiness for yourself right now. It’s a choice. Simple, but not easy. Sending my very best to you! Deep breaths. yrs. Laura

  3. Gina

    Thank you so much for your kind words. Yes, my intent is to move forward and enjoy my life with my kids if my husband cannot be present in it right now. It is difficult at times, but like you said in your essay this is not about me or the kids. My husband is going through something very deep and troubling that only he can work out. I will not be made a victim or a villain. Still, as you know, the hurt is there lurking beneath the surface.

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