Hay House Radio with Dr. Christiane Northrup

I am so absolutely thrilled and honored to be going live with the esteemed and inspiring Dr. Christiane Northrup on her Hay House radio show! 

Wednesday April 6th from 11:00-12:00 EST.  Tune in and give a call if the spirit moves you.  I’ve got a few questions for the good doctor too!  Can’t wait.  Here’s the link!

Here’s what this amazing woman had to say about my book:

“Ever hear about the power of positive thinking?  Ever wonder what it looks like in real life?  Ever run up against some rocky places in your relationship that scare the crap out of you?   If you answered yes, read this book.  Now.  I for one devoured it in 24 hours.  It’s pure real life illumination.” —–Dr. Christiane Northrup, Author of Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom


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  1. So excited to hear this interview with two people I admire and that inspire. Can’t wait. =)

    • Christina is quite right, much of this pap testing is unhlfpeul and potentially harmful. After decades of testing it’s clear women UNDER 30 don’t benefit from pap testing, but produce the most false positives, 1 in 3 for those under 25. Pap testing does not change the tiny death rate in young women.At age 30 women could be offered a HPV test and those negative for high risk HPV and in a monogamous relationship or no longer sexually active, could consider whether they even wish to have tests in the future some might like to have another HPV test in 5 to 7 years time. Women could re-visit the subject for pap tests if their risk profile should change with a new partner. (we also need a HPV test for men!)Women who test positive for HR HPV those at risk of cc could be offered 3 to 5 yearly pap testing, which reduces the risk of false positives. Even high risk groups are not served well with over-screening, it just produces more false positives. I noticed the prostitutes in the Netherlands are tested 5 yearly from age 30 like the rest of the population. The cancer is rare, so even a high risk woman only has a very small risk of cc 0.65% is the lifetime risk of cervical cancer. (All this fuss and damage for a rare cancer!)The pap test is intrinsically unreliable in Australia the lifetime risk of referral for colposcopy and usually some sort of biopsy is a whopping 77% that’s to try and help fewer than 0.45% of women! (0.65% lifetime risk minus the false negatives cases and factor in the other things that had this rare cancer in natural decline before screening started they’re still having an impact, but never acknowledged more women have had hysterectomies (it’s a safer surgery now), better condoms (post the AIDS crisis), better hygiene, fewer women smoking (QUIT campaigns), less sexually transmitted disease etcIn the States the referral rate for colposcopy/biopsies is even higher, some say 95%..and your doctors seriously over-treat. Ever noticed the very high number of American women who had treatment after an abnormal pap test in their teens and 20 s it always upsets me, so unnecessary and harmful.Many of these women assume they had a cancer scare, when they were over-treated.I’d urge every woman to examine her risk profile and the actual benefits and risks of testing and you won’t get accurate information from your doctor, do your own reading!Ref: Cervical cancer screening in Australian Doctor July 2006 by Assoc Prof Margaret Davy and Dr Shorne (information for doctors, not women!)Cervical cancer and HPV by Dr Laura Koutsky, Cancer Prevention, Fall 2004, Issue 4 (77% lifetime risk of referral) (Research by Dr Raffle shows the rareness of the cancer and the extent of the over-treatment of healthy women the more than 99% who’ll never have an issue with this cancer)Dr Joel Sherman’s forum is also a goldmine for information REAL information, not puff and spin.

  2. lauramunson

    Brandi, I hope you tune in! I’m so thrilled! yrs. Laura

  3. Tre

    I’m a regular listener to Hay House radio shows and I’m so happy to hear you will be a featured guest. Looking forward to it.

  4. Go Laura! I will be sending light and love during your interview. I will be back in school and won’t get to hear the interview.

  5. Laura,
    Won’t be able to make it live but cheering you on from Washington DC area. I’m a fan of Dr. Northrup and I’m confident the two of you will have a lively, informative discussion. Good luck.

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