Step By Step

So last week it was one step at a time when a simple walk up my Montana driveway turned into a technical ice climb. And today it was one step at a time navigating hundreds of man o wars on a beach in Florida. The beach looked like boxes of balloons had been released from the sky. Iridescent blue and pink with their sailfish spines and long stinger tails like tentacles splayed in the sand, being blown in by the surf and wind. What was planned as a lovely walk on the beach, turned into slowly stepping and jumping my way down the beach fearing for my toes. So I went slow. Step by step. My mind focused on the very simple question of where to step next. All of the other thoughts that might have come in went away in a quest of self preservation. I think when lessons come in pairs, it’s time to pay attention.


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  1. Beautiful photos Laura! And what great lessons to be learned. Funny how life shows us just what we need when we need them.

    • lauramunson

      and isn’t it great when we actually have the wherewithal to pay attention. Those babies had me VERY awake. Thanks for saying hi, Brandi! yrs. Laura

  2. Fiona

    At least they’re kind enough to come in blue. Imagine if they were transparent! I reckon these are nature’s way of saying – nope you can’t enter the water today we don’t want you.

    • lauramunson

      oh, good point, Fiona. I like the way you think! Florida is currently having a serious Spinner Shark visitation as well, so I think the ocean really has a lot to say about where our toesies belong.

  3. Becky

    The first thing that I thought of when I read this post is that blue is the color that represents the throat chakra, or one’s voice. I wonder what the personal meaning or metaphor is for you in this instance? I know as I was reading I was thinking “where is the meaning for me?” In so many instances in life I’ve allowed myself to lose my voice, or it has been taken from me. While I was reading I was thinking how strong and true your voice is, and how I’ll never give mine away again! Maybe those blue jellyfish were there as a reminder?

    • lauramunson

      Becky– head to toe chills on this. Thank you. I needed this today. People don’t always appreciate a “strong and true” voice. Meant a lot. I’ll think about this tomorrow as I take my last beach walk prior to Montana return. Blue. Voice. yrs. Laura

  4. Kathy

    I am truly amazed….all three of the prior posts (Brandi, Fiona and Becky) all contained some of the thoughts and feelings that crossed my mind when I read this piece. I totally agree……the Universe provides what we need, when we need it!!

    Laura, my most favorite thing in the world to do is walk along the shoreline, feel the sun on my face and the surf below my feet as it gently washes away the sand beneath them. It is a feeling of connection, pure bliss and complete peace. So maybe the message today was a reminder ( and one that you can relate to)… is easy to fall into that false sense of security.

    Keep your footing….be cognizant of where you are traveling and the path in which choose to get there. Sometimes we need to step lightly to avoid the pitfalls that await us… lesson in two different environments…(snow and sand) beautiful!

    Thanks so much for posting this…..and I loved the photo’s. There is so many amazing sights around us. If we don’t take the time to slow down,soak it in and revel in it, it is our loss……All the best, Kathy

  5. My husband always says, “You’re moving too fast.”
    Not sure if that fits.

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