New Huffington Post Piece- Books Without Borders

What are your thoughts on the closing of so many Borders Bookstores?

With Penguin sales rep Joe Cain and Bookstall's owner Roberta Rubin

Books Without Borders

Borders is bankrupt. You can read the facts as reported by the Wall Street Journal here.

People are crawling out of the woodwork with opinions. I’m not one of them. I’m not sure what to think.

A recent article in the New York Daily News berated the publishing world for flooding the market, much the way developers flooded Florida and Arizona and California (please, God, not Montana.) Its author believes that Border’s bankruptcy and massive store shutdown is a result of the dummying down of books and America’s ultimate good taste. Low-road books, massively hyped and rushed to the market; undeserving authors garnering ridiculous advances for fluff. I’m not sure if it’s important to agree or disagree.

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3 Responses to New Huffington Post Piece- Books Without Borders

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  2. Honestly — sad. Had the odd experience of turning into my manuscript to a publisher, then going to the Borders Going-Out-of-Business Sale (where the 20% off didn’t seem to quite beat prices on a Kindle) and then walking across the street to the Apple Store and reading a book on an iphone for the first time. (Admit this is odd — I may be one of the few people in the universe without a true cellphone — don’t need it now.) Had, of course, tried reading on the ipad but not an iphone and on the iphone 4 it was astounding how easy it was to read on that thing. And that experience is right where everything is at right now.

    Am worried about publishers losing shelf space — all of us will probably feel that eventually.

    But overall, seeing any bookstore close makes me sad. I am glad we’ve still got some independents that seem to be doing okay here in Chicago.

    I’m convinced that people are still reading (hence, the beautiful tech to read on at the Apple Store). If stories are needed — I think they always will be — I want to write them.

    So don’t know what it means. I’m waiting this out. Going on until I can’t.

    • lauramunson

      I think that we have created technology just like we created the cart behind the horse and that we may need that technology again sometime not so far away. Is what I think. Thanks for saying hi, Amy. And for not having a cell phone. I am getting sick of that addiction. Rather be addicted to the horse, truth be told. yrs. Laura

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