More Eyes

My sister in law died not long ago and sometimes I feel her around me, making things happen. That might sound strange to you. But maybe you know what I mean. My dad died 7 years ago, and I feel him too. And why not? It’s not something to be cynical about. If you could contact the people you love after you die, wouldn’t you?

It doesn’t really matter if it’s real or not. Let’s not get stuck there. Let’s receive it and let’s smile and apply the wisdom. I’ve always told my kids that no matter what, I’ll be in their heart. When they were little, they understood, nodding knowingly. Now at 11 and 15 they aren’t so sure. Their brains are in the way.

Today my husband is visiting his sister’s kids. They are going through her things. They found a box of horse tack. I am in need of horse tack. Just yesterday I thought about how expensive it is and how I really don‘t know if I can justify spending money on my hobby, even though it’s my therapy. We have bills to pay.

And then I get this. As my grandmother used to say: there are more eyes watching us than we’ll ever know.


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  1. Kathy

    Beautiful sentiment, and thanks for having the courage to say it out loud!! I totally agree with you. Our loved ones never leave us. If you look and listen closely enough you will see and hear their continued presence in your life. Not that I could name any of the items in the photos (ok, I got the brush), but I know they were sent with meaning, intention and love…..

    • lauramunson

      Hi, Kathy. I will pay extra attention today. I notice my father in the way I cough, and the way I like to stand at the ktichen sink and devour an orange. yrs. Laura

  2. Nice. Thanks for sharing, Laura. The other day, I smelled my grandma. It was like an invisible wall that moved across the room and then it was gone. As your grandma said….what wisdom.

    • lauramunson

      Did it smell like lavendar water? Or rose milk? My grandmother smelled like Diorissimo cologne by Christian Dior. And sometimes like Trident spearamint gum. Thanks for reminding me of that. yrs. Laura

  3. There are many things now that I just know are so, even though my brain would pooh-pooh them if I let it. My grandmother died about 13 years ago. She had been a strong believer that one day Ed McMahon would come to her door and pronounce her the winner of the Publisher’s Clearing House sweepstakes (I have never forgiven Ed for letting her down). About a year after she died, I mysteriously started receiving a bunch of magazines in the mail. I believe that she had somehow subscribe in perpetuity and through her divine intervention had gotten the subscriptions forwarded to me. Scoff if you want, but I’m sure that’s how it happened.

    Enjoy your new tack.

    • lauramunson

      Susan, I love that story. I hope they’re like Readers’s Digest and TV Guide and Saturday Evening Post, just for that extra divine wink. yrs. Laura

  4. Fiona

    a dear friend who was like a substitute grandmother to my daughter, died in 2008. At the time my daughter and I talked about how Barb was gone but that didn’t mean my daughter couldn’t talk to her, she just needed to do it in a different way. Since then my daughter has mentioned often that she sees Barb, catches a glimpse of her in places, or senses her in butterflies or birds.

    Does the “truth” of it really matter? Who knows what is “true” or not? She feels an ongoing connection to someone who was very dear to her. That’s a superb gift to be treasured.

  5. lauramunson

    Ameila (love that name), thanks for sharing about your mom and Christmas. I love the thought of two trees. Abundance. There can be abundance in grief. She was surely there loving you. yrs. Laura

  6. Hi Laura. My daughter who is going through a rough patch, having feelings for a man who hurt her, decides to make her first quilt. The pattern that she wants is the first quilt I made taught to me by my deceased Aunt. An Aunt who had much experience with hurtful men. I feel that her energy is helping my daughter stay strong and is fueling her creativity. We all walk with the wisdom and strength of the women who came before us. I know that inner strength and worth will be found as my daughter tackles this quilt.
    I agree, we are never separated from the spirits and energies of the great souls we love.

    • lauramunson

      Oh is there ever a book in that story. Have you seen the play Quilters? I bet it would really REALLY hit home for both of you. Thanks for sharing this, Beth. yrs. Laura

  7. Dear Laura,
    This post really hit home. I dream about my dad a lot and he gives me a message that later I translate when I am awake. When I tell others they look at me like I am crazy. I don’t care if it’s true or a part of my subconscious, all I can say is that when he comes it makes me happy.

  8. lynda

    My little brother died quite a few years ago in a terrible auto accident. I was devastated by that, I would always dream of him being in another car and I could never catch up to him.. Finally one nite I had a dream …I could hear his big boots coming up the porch stairs, the door opened and he was standing there..I ran over to give him a hug and he was quite bruised and battered..he said it hurt but he was okay…never dreamt about him again..Odd maybe his way of telling me not to worry about him anymore.

    • lauramunson

      Lynda, I really have come to take dreams like yours seriously. My father comes to me in dreams often. Is it just because I need him to, or is it really him somehow reaching out to me? I don’t think it matters in the end. Just that we had that experience and it was positive and helpful. I’m sorry your little brother had to go so terribly. So much pain in the world. I guess– no, I know it can be a guide. I know you know. yrs. Laura

  9. Susie

    Laura, A friend of yours Lee ,spoke of your work to me & I thought I’ll have to read more of her! Very moving. I chose this post, as I lost my dad in 2003. a few months after he died I was praying,I wish I could hear his voice again. Honest the phone rang moments later. I answered & a voice said Susie? It sounded exactly like my father. I couldn’t speak. Then the caller said ” this is uncle David. (my dads brother who sounds just like him) he said he was watching tv & something told him to call me. It was a strong feeling so he followed it. I felt my dad so very near. It was an amazing moment. S

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