Forget a Pulitzer– I’m a Cartoon Character!

Wow– I think my ego just exploded! Thanks to Jen Sorenson from Portland for coming out to our neck of the woods and composing such an interesting study of our town for The Oregonian. Snowghosts and all! Here’s the permalink.


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5 Responses to Forget a Pulitzer– I’m a Cartoon Character!

  1. teresa

    Well you have made it now!!! ‘-)
    Love this concept of storytelling too!!


  2. Kimmy

    Yea! I saw this in the Oregonian this morning and thought: “isn’t that the author of the FB page/blog I follow…?” Congratulations!

    • lauramunson

      This is what makes it all fun. Really. Wait till tomorrow’s blog post. NOT fun. oi. Thanks for following along, Kimmy. yrs. Laura

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