Language 101

In an effort to get back into my Italian skills in anticipation of a month in the boot, I was reminded of one of my favorite all time belly laughing videos. Please enjoy. Over and over. Hilarious. Deeper stuff to come, but good grief– this is pure heaven. yrs. Laura


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  2. This video is hilarious and you are a nutcase. You are going to Italy ! When, and don’t you need a checkup before that ? You should learn the language and get everything figured out, because someday, I may go with you.

    • lauramunson

      Thankyouverymuch, folks. Meet my OB/GYN! Takes one to know one! And YES…come along sometime. You need a break. We can ride horses in Tuscany. xx

  3. Alison Bolshoi

    OMG! What happened to that show! They were two of the funniest people I have ever seen! Thanks for reminding me …

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