Wise Words about Vulnerability from Brene Brown

Writer and blogger Pam Stucky shared this with me today and I love what Brene Brown has to say on TED. Take a half an hour and treat yourself. I love that it ends in “I am enough.” I’ve had that on a post-it near my writing desk for as long as I can remember. Until recently. This was a great reminder. Enjoy.
p.s. Thank you all for your lovely comments this week. I’m taking a breather in my cyber life to play with the family in the snow, but I’m reading them all and appreciating you and learning from you as always… See you in 2011!


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10 Responses to Wise Words about Vulnerability from Brene Brown

  1. M

    3 words…so easy to say, so very hard to believe.

  2. Kathy O'Neill

    Thank you so very much for posting this!!! What a wonderful gift. It was not delivered in an elaborate package, with fancy wrapping or gold ribbons, but rather a simple click of the mouse unwrapped the grandest of gifts, the purest of thoughts, something that so many of us are striving for……how to live a whole hearted life.

    All the best,


  3. Laura, this is amazing! Thanks so much for sharing it. Happy 2011! :) Lori

  4. Erin

    Thank you for posting this. I really needed to listen to it TODAY! Happy New Year to you! May it brim over with blessings for you and yours.


  5. Susan Morgan

    How fantastic. So much here. The courage to be imperfect. Don’t we know that’s the key, yet we kick and struggle to prove our impossible perfection, which just alienates us from others – instead of being the key to universal approval we imagine it would be! What a conundrum! Thanks so much for sharing this. I need to watch another 40 times to get the whole message…

  6. Thanks for posting this! Wow! And, amen.

  7. Patty Viers

    This is so profound and amazingly beautiful! I love that living through vulnerability, we “stop controlling and predicting.” And when Dr. Brown said that vulnerability is not only the core of shame and fear, but at the same time is also the birthplace of joy/ creativity/ love and belonging, my eyes welled up with tears. What a beautiful thing it is to allow ourselves to be vulnerable.
    Thank you for posting this – I’m looking forward to reading more from Brene Brown and her work.

  8. Listening to her list, I’m amazed how close I am to the whole-hearted life. For a long time I have known and believed what she shares, but up until recently I was afraid to live what I know. Everyday I allow myself to be seen more and more, and my hope is as I do, others will too.

    My only other thought from this, is we don’t have to do all that extensive research to understand who we are and what is inside of us. We only need to be curious and look within. I respect her way and really all that matters is she got there. I could sense her transformation- from perfectionism and control to vulnerability and allowing.

  9. LoLo

    How enlightening! Thanks, Laura. I hadn’t seen this TED talk yet.

    This speech channeled my life. Wow.

    I didn’t come to a vulnerable, whole-hearted life voluntarily, it was forced upon me, when I ended up on my own. I had no way to live, other the authentic, genuine me. What seemed like an obstacle became an opportunity.
    Always a work in progress, I now know the joy of which she speaks.

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