Holiday Baking Panic

My Pear Brandy Applesauce

As I’ve written before on this blog, I am not much of a baker.  Mostly it’s because I’m too stubborn to follow directions (I know, my loss.)   I like to riff on recipes, and that can work beautifully on the stove-top, but not so much when it comes to measuring out ingredients that make things rise and lift and puff.  So this time of year, I do things like make applesauce and add pear brandy to it and think pretty highly of myself. 

NOT my Bouche de Noel

Yesterday, at school pick up, one of my children announced, inbetween “can we go get ice cream,” and “my boots fell apart and I had to duct tape them together, but that’s okay, they look pretty cool that way because I used purple duct tape”….this little benign morsel of holiday cheer: “We’re having a party in French class tomorrow, and I promised my teacher I’d bring a Bouche de Noel (otherwise known as a Yule Log– you know, with the meringue mushrooms.) That’s what I get for addicting myself, and consequently my family, to the Food Network.

“You’ve got to be kidding me,” I said. This after an entire day wrapping presents and putting up garlands. Fun in theory, until your back starts to hurt, and you start swearing at tape dispensers and can’t find the scissors for the fiftieth time. “You want to make a Bouche de Noel TONIGHT?” Yup, those little eyes begged from the back seat right there in my rearview mirror. Ugh.

Bouche de Noel is one of those things that I’ve planned on making one day. Like, when I have grandchildren or need to impress a visiting queen or something. It involves layering and rolling and whimsy and frosting prowess– things I aspire to have one day. But not last night. Last night I wanted to pour out a glass of vino and lie on the couch by the fire and watch old Christmas musicals like White Christmas. Still, I’m a sucker for the word “Yes” when it comes to delivering in the way of homemade goodies and my children’s wildest dreams…so to the grocery store we went (mind you, I’d just been to Costco, something I dread– I have a hard time with the smells of hotdogs and radial tires comingling).

And you know…sometimes you just can’t be that homemade kinda gal– not this time of year– not when you start to resent this season that is supposed to be about love and giving and receiving and “dreaming,” as my father used to say with a tear in his eye, gazing up at the Christmas tree. So I gave myself a colossal break– grabbed the Betty Crocker and the pre-made frosting and the whipped cream in a can and called it good.

My child said, “Oh, I feel kind of sad, not making it from scratch. We’ve never made a box cake before. It won’t be made with love.” Tough crackers, I wanted to say, but instead I said something like, “Well sometimes you need to give yourself a break. It’ll still be made with love. It’s all in the intention.” Then I grabbed another box of cake mix just in case, because I had zero confidence in this “loving” endeavor.

I’d seen Tyler Florence make a Bouche de Noel recently on TV and I recalled needing to make a sheet cake, and then cut it in half making thin layers to cover in whipped cream and roll. (maybe we could just get a bunch of Ho-hos and line them up, yes? No.) I remember something about the dough needing to be especially springy and moist (my least favorite word). It said right there on the box: “Moist.” This, as a result of putting the called for cup of vegetable oil into your cake mix, and no, not EVOO. So I grabbed a bottle of Wesson oil– something I hadn’t seen since about 1972. And off we went.

After dumping out two attempts, a few hours later, this is what we came up with. Not so bad. My kid made little French flags taped to toothpicks instead of woodland meringues and we smiled at each other, pleased. “You’re a lot different than you used to be,” he said. “You used to be more Martha Stewart-ish.” It’s true. “It’s important to have range,” I said. Thank you, in this case, Betty Crocker.


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10 Responses to Holiday Baking Panic

  1. My son would love that Yule Log, he loves mushrooms, real or faux. Merry Christmas!!!

  2. My one foray into baking this season was peppermint stick scones. Sounded good. Looked OK. Tasted — well, not quite what I expected. Love your log.

    • lauramunson

      I’m so glad that you didn’t write, “There are two kinds of people: Marthas and Bettys.” I like to think we can channel them both at will! Happy holidays, Susan! ox

  3. Catherine Petersen

    My first experience with bouche de noel was in Grenoble France at the young age of 20. I was studying abroad. Someone brought one for a class party. I loved it! Years later, my daughters volunteered like your daughter to bring one for French class at the holidays. The teacher gave us a simple recipe. I think I must have made the bouche several times over the years. Then, my college age niece had to make one and hers turned out lovely. I have fond memories of the bouche de noel and have enjoyed your reflection today! Merci et Joyeux Noel!

    • lauramunson

      Merci! Thank you for the lovely images and shared memories. I love how the world of blogs brings people together so generously. Merry Christmas! yrs. Laura

  4. Kelly

    It looks lovely Laura and you made it together be it Martha or Betty..who cares…did it taste good?????????
    Me I am reading this vs. making the 6 dozen cookies I need for a swap on sunday ….really thinking about the wonderful market across town that makes little shortbreads dipped in dark chocolate…vs baking….if I place them on a pretty plate does that make then home made???????

  5. Patty Viers

    this post really has me smiling – - I love that you posted the picture “not my Bouche de Noel”. And horray for giving yourself a break – I agree that it is about the intention. Thanks for sharing : )

  6. Janis Schmier

    You were there for your son. You made the cake. It looked terrific. Sounds good to me!

    Happy Holidays!!!!

  7. Funny description and a good job Laura! It’s all about trying to make our kids happy :) your dad would be proud :)

  8. Robin Dake

    My dad use to make this during the holidays. I was just gently chiding my mom about it: “How come we made that fancy thing and never made regular cookies!” It’s all in the perspective.

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