The Sculptor Adrian Arleo

Check out her newest work at the Jane Sauer Gallery in Santa Fe:

A few years ago, I had the honor of writing a piece for Western Art and Architecture magazine about the sculptor Adrian Arleo. While Adrian and her husband, the writer David Duncan, had been my friends for quite some time, I had never really asked her about her process and her work to the extent that I did for that writing assignment. Put it this way, if the paperback version of my book goes ballistic, I would like an Adrian Arleo sculpture perched on a shelf behind my writing desk, being my witness and begging the muse. If I could build a room and fill it with her work, I would. Here’s an excerpt of the article:

The result is bewitching. Her sculptures seem alive and intimately so, like we’ve stumbled upon them in the woods in some sort of spell of transformation, “perhaps as we ourselves are transformed in our fantasies, intuitions and dreams.” Her figures are recognizable, but not so representational that we feel the need to label or define them. The looseness of her style allows for an immediate empathy that both looms and sings somewhere between the dark depths of pathos and the light layers of stillness… (read more here)


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  1. I adore the work of this amazing artist. I am also the very fortunate owner of one of her sculptures – a kneeling woman tenderly holding a raven over her heart. But look closer and see that the woman’s hand and arm have become the raven, whose nest rests upon her lap. Her full-of-wonder works evoke, for me, the very real connection we humans have with all of nature.

  2. Penelope king

    will be doing a workshop with ms Arleo -cannot wait

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