Interview with Inspire Me Today Radio– one of my very favorites!

I had the pleasure of meeting an incredibly inspiring woman recently: Gail Goodwin. She is one of those people who is day by day changing the world. Today she is featuring me on her website Inspire Me Today. I’d love for you to check this website out because it is such an excellent example of how we can make the deliberate choice to better the world simply by shining a light on the positive. I am proud of this interview and I’m honored to share it with you here. I love Gail’s high road questions and maybe my answers will help with some of the questions you ask me at THESE HERE HILLS. Come join me at Inspire Me Today where you’ll find a short piece I wrote for them and a link to the radio interview mid-page. Please share with your friends. I really want this interview to help people. yrs. Laura


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3 Responses to Interview with Inspire Me Today Radio– one of my very favorites!

  1. Simply beautiful!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Janis Schmier

    I listened to your interview tonight and it brought me back to where I was after I finished reading your book: living with gratitude for the here and now. There’s something in your voice, both written and spoken, that inspires me to stifle my inner Sheila and find my voice of reality. As I have told you several times before– thank you. Your book has become a bedside staple. You would be proud to see its yellow Post-It flags sticking out like rays of the sun helping me to see the light. Keep on talking.

    • lauramunson

      Janis, that has always been my dream– my book all battered and loved by someone’s bedside table, my words helping open hearts like yours. I am so grateful for your phenomenal presence in my life. yrs. Laura

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