For the love of a little decadence. Or a lot.

From time to time I stumble upon edible items that make me want to weep, and whilst touring around the country this last year, every so often I’ve gotten the urge to splurge food-wise. I usually do it in a fabulous glass of wine and an appetizer. This was one of those weepful splurges.

It was the night before Good Morning America. I’d had the stomach flu a few days prior, puking my brains out all day in a mid-town Manhattan hotel on, yes April 1st, and yes, my book’s PUB day. I know– very funny. So once my green in the gills-ness cleared, I thought I’d take a stroll. And lo, somehow I landed at one of the best restaurants in the world. That’s what I get for wandering into the Four Seasons. L’Altelier de Joel Robuchon.

I ordered two things and I ordered well: one of Robuchon’s signature dishes, sea urchin in lobster gelée, topped with a cauliflower cream with a ring of parsley mayonnaise dots. My god, it should be outlawed.

And with it, I had a gorgeous glass of Sancerre. I love two kinds of wine these days, a good rose, and a good Sancerre. This writer can tell you all about why it made me want to weep. I just know that it was good. So good. We all deserve a little ridiculous with our sublime.

May you find a moment like this wherever you live and no matter what your pocketbook looks like these days. Back in Montana, it’s going to come in the way of cider by the fire and that makes me want to weep too. There is no end to extravagance when the heart is open. So much in the way of salvation via sal-i-vation. May your holiday time be full of just that…and so many gifts given and received.


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  1. I agree, Laura. All it takes is an open heart.

  2. Ami

    So true …what gifts we find if we just allow ourselves to be present to all around us. Now I know what they do with all those sea urchins I saw being harvested at the Santa Barbara harbour in August!! Never knew anyone found them so delicious, will have to try them when I’m in NYC!

    • lauramunson

      Ahhhh….uni. That’s what they call sea urchin in Japanese and I am one of those weirdos who LOVES the taste of raw uni. It’s like licking the ocean floor. Santa Barbara harbour sounds like a lovely place to be! I’ll be in so. Cal this April promoting my paperback so come say hi and bring your frineds! I’ll have my event info on my website under News/Events. yrs. Laura

  3. Beth

    Great interview!!

    Well done, glad you’re feeling better! And thanks for spreading all your grounding energy.

    Happy Saturday!

  4. OK, the food sounds great. I can’t pronounce the dish or wine, but I would try both. No, what gets my attention are your photographs – crisp and bang on! Standing impressed by your photography…

    • lauramunson

      Admittedly the middle one is mine, but the others are linked to the Four Seasons website. I am a total amatuer, but usually have a camera in my purse… Thanks, Stephanie. yrs. Laura

  5. “There is no end to extravagance when the heart is open” I love that! This post reminded me of a wonderful meal I had at Antico Arco in Rome.

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