Co-create Cake.

I wish I could say that I baked this cake. I didn’t. My writer/blogger friend Brigetta’s husband did. I don’t like baking. I’m not good at following directions and improv doesn’t work so well in that arena unless you already know the basics. I love to cook, instead, and leave the baking to other more patient people. This gorgeous cake arrived in my kitchen and at the last minute, I was moved to put the borage on it (the blue flowers) from my garden.

I believe in collaboration. Moments like these present themselves every day, and I am learning to join in the dance of them. Who are you? Why did you show up in my life? What can we co-create? I’ve spent so many years thinking I had to do everything alone. But so much of the beauty of life is in intimacy. Sharing. The empathic journey. So I am a new believer in co-creating. I believe in admitting when you’re not good at something and being okay with it. And I believe in creating beauty, however it is that you come to it. Today it came in cake. What can you co-create today? I’d love to hear about it!


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  1. Laura- It really is a pretty cake and it was delicious too. I love this post- the idea of complimenting each other’s talents, of not being so self-sufficient. This is an area I have been working on too. xo-B.

  2. That cake is beautiful (and I’m sure it tasted great). I think it’s key to recognize that it is much more beautiful for the creative decorating you pulled together on the spur of the moment. You put the incredibly important (final) 5% against the (already achieved) incredibly important 95%. Collaboration is a terrific thing. It binds you to a bigger world view (that of your co-creator). That cake means more because of it.

    • lauramunson

      Thanks for “getting it,” K-line. Today I’m co-creating my next Haven newsletter and it’s going to be really inspiring I hope. About Pilgrimage… If you haven’t signed up yet and are interested, go to my website and find the sign up on the left column on every page but “home.”
      yrs. Laura

  3. I must have known you just posted this, Laura; cake is one of my weaknesses in life! I love your ideas on co-creating and collaboration, and creating beauty is always in order. Bravo. So let’s see … who am I, why am I here, what can we co-create? Fun ideas to consider. I’ll take any opportunity to delve into something on a creative level, you see!

    But, more seriously, I’m a fellow author who spends a great deal of time in a place called
    SunnyRoomStudio … a sunny space geared to the whims and proclivities of kindred spirits … and I consider you to be one, of course. So that’s who I am and also why I’m here, to see what you’re up to and to invite you over to my sunny writing studio whenever the spirit moves you. Great owl currently on display, and he needs a name! Hedwig, like Harry Potter’s owl, or something else? If we can co-create my owl’s name, I’d be thrilled! Take care and enjoy that lovely cake!

    Daisy @

  4. As one who is co-creating Gray Kitty stories, sacred choral music, community life at church and domestic bliss at home, I relate to this post on many levels. I am inspired by what is possible through collaboration. Thank you for writing about such good stuff.

  5. The cake is lovely!

    I’ve been given a great opportunity to co-create with someone else who comments here. Susan Tiner asked me to ghost write some children’s stories for her. It’s going beautifully and it’s a great learning process. In my association management career, I had to collaborate all the time, but this is a new kind of collaboration and it’s great fun, very rewarding.

  6. It’s been too long. I’m exactly the same way. I can cook, but baking? Forget it! It’s so unforgiving! Hmm, my two year old and I collaborated on some fairly kick-ass crayon drawings and I’m collaborating on a nice bottle of wine right now!

  7. Today, I co-created a dance with my photography instructor if front of the whole class – to the music “Thriller”. What a fun experience! You are absolutely right about how we are NOT alone. Intimacy rocks! And so does/did that gorgeous cake. Love the blue floral addition.

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