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When is the last time you took a personal day? Mine was yesterday. I had just come off a few stunningly wonderful days in San Francisco doing readings. Readings are intense, especially with a memoir. People are hungry for messages of empowerment and appreciate vulnerability. So there is much sharing– something that I love and am deeply grateful for. But there’s so much pain in the world that I don’t see in my life spent here at my writing desk. In this time of sharing my book with people, I have found that I need to let that pain move through me as part of the collective We. To not let it get stuck. I don’t know how doctors and nurses and therapists and teachers do it, or anyone in any field where they are daily looking at pain. I have learned that pain can be our guide. My book is all about this. Thanks to people being so willing to share their own stories of pain and transformation, I’m reminded over and over of the freedom found in the present moment. That we need to breathe away thoughts of the past and the future and receive life moment by moment. That’s where the fear goes away. That’s where the freedom is.

To that end, the other night when my flight from San Francisco landed in Seattle, I did not get on my connecting flight home. Instead, my trusty little green roller suitcase and I marched right out of the airport, grabbed a cab, and checked into a hotel. It was like I was being pulled by something magnetic– as if I had no control. I simply needed to spend a day alone, and I did. I slept until ten am, and then roamed around Seattle for hours and hours– a city I love and one in which I lived a long time ago for some of the most inspiring years of my life. It feels like a city that is constantly in a state of expression, holding out its palms, full of gems. Here are some of them. And yes, I gave and received that free hug. Thank you, Seattle. I’m home now, better for having had a day with you. yrs. Laura


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  1. I’ve been so busy Laura I must have missed that you were going to be in San Francisco. We would have tried to come see you but then again, as I said, things were nuts last week — I’m still catching up today!

    I am glad you had a beautiful day to yourself in lovely Seattle.

    xoxo -Susan

    • lauramunson

      Hi, Susan. I was in SF doing private events. In and out in two days. I thought of trying to contact you, actually, but it was a busy busy schedule. I’ll be back in a few months so maybe we could meet then. I’ll keep you posted! yrs. Laura

  2. Is that Dale Chihuly I see up top? Love it. He was in Nashville recently and I wish I had gone. Glad you got to see it. Amazing work.

    • lauramunson

      Yep. Dale Chihuly. I LOVE his work too. That’s in the window at Benaroya hall. Seattle is an embarassment of riches. Thanks for saying hi, Jennifer. yrs. Laura

      • Melissa

        LOVING DALE!~ I almost didn’t have to ask, so I’m glad Jennifer did. :) There’s some beautiful work of his in wine country.

        • lauramunson

          Have you ever seen that PBS documentary on his chandeliers over the Venice canals??? Breathtaking… Hmmm…Chihuly and wine country? Twist my arm, Melissa! yrs. Laura

  3. Melissa

    Get this…I read an article about a silent retreat….months of casual research later, found a not so very rustic retreat center in California–one hour from my best friend. Contacted a Jesuit at my kid’s school who came from Cali and recommended the specific retreat. So, in a month, 2 days with the best friend, 3 days silent retreat, 1 more day with the best friend.
    Your book has been part of this “HEY WHAT ABOUT ME??” stage :) I’ll let you know how it is. Still sorry Imissed you in Chicago but it was not a good week and was afraid the raw nature of your memoir would fly in the face of my fragile mood. I can only imagine how it is for folks to unload on you..though it’s meaningful, it must be exhausting. xo

    • lauramunson

      Good for you for taking YOU time! You know what the amazing thing is about how people share with me? It’s with gratitude and vulnerability and it’s totally self-responsbile. I haven’t actually experienced any dumping. It says a lot about the power of sharing a personal story in a raw and honest and open way. I love it. But it is exhausting being so filled with stories of pain. I am learning how to let them move through me. Seattle was the medicine yesterday! yrs. Laura

  4. Patty Viers

    I love your photos of Seattle (I think you could be a professional photographer!) I love the similarities of the peppers and the Dale Chihuly chandelier. Toledo and some fine Chihuly’s, he’s one of my favorite glass artists, too. And the fiddler and banjo pair – cool to see that Seattle has some Bluegrass music. And so nice to see the sun in many of these pictures (as I thought Seattle was often cloudy and rainy.) Thanks for sharing these.

    • lauramunson

      Thanks for pointing out the peppers and Chihuly likeness! I was thinking about the bronze pig’s rear and the melons looking alike too. Funny how a photo essay speaks its own language. Thanks for stopping by, Patty. yrs. Laura

  5. Liz Insley

    …remembering those wonderful Seattle days:) .
    Great photos, Laura. I love what you wrote and am so glad you took a day to be alone in a city you (and I) love.

  6. What a great detour! And that coconut cream pie looks awesome.

  7. Laura, I only met you for like 5 minutes back in Fairfield, CT, and I am still reading your book, yet when I read this I was almost “proud,” and definitely inspired by your decision to stay in Seattle for the day. The photos just added beauty and magic, and I cannot wait to share your words and images with friends, and use them again and again to teach myself to receive life moment by moment, and to actually take a personal day now and then. Thank you!

    • lauramunson

      Danielle– I have such a fond place in my heart for the reading at your library. I loved it. So much warmth. May you have a moment to yourself soon. THANKS for the hospitality! yrs. Laura

  8. Janis Schmier

    Beautiful photos, Laura. They remind me of times spent in Seattle and the amazing energy and originality of that beautiful city. When I saw the figs I wondered if they reminded you of your times in Italy.

    Just this afternoon we returned from a quick trip (and long drive) to Washington. I only wish that we would have had some time to spend exploring and recharging ourselves during the trip like you did. It’s too bad that all too often life gets in the way of living.

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