End of Summer

Last trail ride, last bouquet, last carrots.


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  1. Having lived in the Deep South for almost eight years now, I forget what a change it is between summer and winter for lots of places. I used to track the lasts. Now I welcome the break from the stifling heat and humidity and remind myself that no matter how brisk it may get here, it’s nothing compared to winters in Chicago. Or Montana.

    • lauramunson

      I’ll tell you what gets me the most– dark in the morning and dark in the evening. I can handle the seasons, and love them. But the dark feels lonely in the morning…

  2. You’re right, it is that time of year, Laura. Endings and beginnings forever merging … poetically so. If you happen by Sunny Room Studio … guest post by Mary L. Tabor re her new memoir. Would love your thoughts (if time!). Merci and thanks for the lovely photos … Daisy

  3. Yummy looking carrots :-) . Are they for humans or horses?

  4. Oh no, not the last trail ride! Trail riding season has at least a month…Now if you’d photographed that trailer piled with snow, maybe I’d believe you. I hope you shared some of those carrots with your horse!

    I must admit I’m looking forward to winter, and non horse riding time, so I can tend to cleaning house, writing about the horses, and sleep. Though I have a young horse that needs consistent work, though some people say putting her away for the winter and bringing her back this spring will make her even better.

    • lauramunson

      I WISH I had more trail riding, but alas, I’m back on the road all too soon. I should have specified: MY last trail ride. Who knows, maybe this year I’ll take up ski-jorring, just to get in some more outside horsey time. This summer was a bit of a wash for me in this regard, but it’s been an embarrassment of riches in the past, so I guess with one dream come true, sometimes other dreams have to take a back seat. RE: your young horse, I’ve done it both ways. And boy is the second way easier! In any case, good luck with your writing, Kate! yrs. Laura

  5. Fiona

    I’m in West Africa, where seasons are a slight variation on a theme – hot and humid, not so hot and humid, not so hot/humid and raining, extremely hot and I REALLY WISH IT WOULD RAIN!

    It’s interesting too that here, climate change is messing so much with the weather, that people no longer know when the ‘rainy season’ is, or whether there will be one or two.

    Sometimes I wonder what impact it has on a country, never to have that opportunity for renewal that defined and extreme seasons bring.

    • lauramunson

      “Sometimes I wonder what impact it has on a country, never to have that opportunity for renewal that defined and extreme seasons bring.”
      Hi, Fiona. I wonder this too, because I’ve never lived anywhere that didn’t have changes in season. The least intense was Seattle, US, and maybe Florence, Italy, but still there were noticeable differences that inspired different types of activities and clothing and the feeling of air on your skin. Montana is the most drastic, and when you have properly fed on summer, it’s easier to welcome the hibernation of winter. I’m fitting in summer in October, so it’s a different kind of year for me, but then again, it’s been a different kind of year for me altogether. Usually this time of year has me in bulky sweaters, hunkering down to make soup and write a novel. This year I’m not quite ready. It’s an embarassment of riches, really, however tis true that our valley averages only 75 days of sunshine a year, so weather can really get to you around here. 17 years of this and no wonder. I would love to visit your part of the world one day. For me, travel is the best kind of renewal. Thanks for sharing! yrs. Laura

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