59 seconds of inspiration from Montana


Take 59 seconds to see the quaking aspen trees on my walk this morning back home in Montana, and see in the last moment what I mean in my book when I refer to aspen shadows.  A blackberry might not take the best videos, but the heart of it is there.  Send me 59 seconds of something that inspired you today!  yrs.  Laura


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5 Responses to 59 seconds of inspiration from Montana

  1. Well, I don’t have something from today but here’s a recording Martin made yesterday of our new water fountain. It’s peaceful.

  2. Laura,
    What a brilliant idea. As always from you.
    Here you go, hope it works, an embedded link:
    If not, I tweeted you and it’s on my youtube channel, mrsbrooksfarm. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1e9w0idJloo
    What a brilliant idea. As always from you.
    Another Laura
    PS feel free to delete this post and ask me to re-post if our like-Luddite minds can work together better…

    • lauramunson

      Is your horse blue? Lavendar? A horse of a different color? I loved this. Thank you, Laura. You know I “get” this deeply. Got on my horse yesterday for the first time in way too long and she and I had such a nice time just being together. I can really say that for both of us. There was a oneness. yrs. Laura

      • Laura,
        My horse is M-U-D color! You see my FB Grey Perch Isabelle, whose eyes I adore, as if they were lined with kohl, I swear. But-of-course my boy Devon, a PerchXQH (who I’ve raised from a yearling and will be eleven on 11/11/11) has to come up and ‘own’ me… Who you *don’t* see is little roan pony mare Daisy, as Devon warns her to keep her distance.
        Gotta love herd behavior =)
        Keep up your good work, your writing is a spur to my hand.

  3. Dear Laura,
    As always, you bring to our table a beautiful, brilliantly simple idea, this time, “What you love, in 59 seconds”. I can offer you 30.

    As always,
    Another Laura

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