What's in a Name? La Belette Rouge knows…

The fabulous La Belette Rouge (therapist/writer) does it again in her blog post today which discusses, in her typically thoughtful way, how titles can influence our experience reading a book. She mentions my book’s title, which was not an easy one to land upon for me. I’m not a great namer of things. I’m the sort that calls you by your whole name until you give me permission to use your nick name even if everybody calls you Smitty. I love that she understood why my memoir is called THIS IS NOT THE STORY YOU THINK IT IS. I love that it worked in her as she read along. How it challenged her not to make assumptions, take sides, impose stereotypes upon the material. While the title in and of itself may seem like an assumption, as if I profess to know what you think…it’s really a play upon social stereotypes or collectively unconscious “agreements” we make when we delve into a ceratin subject. So no, mine is not a marital rag. It’s not an angry lament. It’s not a victim-stanced tome. The title asks us to let down our hackles, and come along for a ride that might just surprise us. I love that she got it, and thought to write about it here.

LBR will be my guest this month at my HAVEN newsletter. The subject will be: Phobia.

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yrs. Laura


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10 Responses to What's in a Name? La Belette Rouge knows…

  1. Thank you so much for sharing my post with your readers and for all the nice things you have said here about me. I love-love-love your title. I would have loved your book without that title, but the title really gave me a way to navigate through the uncertainty that you endured and it help me tolerate my own feelings about uncertainty.

    And I am truly delighted to be a part of the upcoming newsletter on phobias. Thank you for inviting me!!

  2. Hi Laura,

    That LBR really does get it. Not just your title, but life in general. She’s a blessing. She is one of the most loyal people I know. I knew in my heart your book was meant for her .

    PS Your post on HP filled me with nostalgia. You have some lucky kids and you are one award-winning, Mama!

    • lauramunson

      Thanks, Stephanie. I just sent you a private note on FB, because I had to gush a bit. You are such a great example of just how generous social media can be. Thanks for inspiring the higher road. High road begets high road. I can’t wait to read that memoir! yrs. Laura

      • Laura,
        Thank you…I meant every word of it. Isn’t it funny how our souls can speak to each other in the absence of any physical presence? One of the things I’ve learned to love about social media is that it gives our souls a chance to do the talking. My soul never steers me wrong-although I wish I could say the same for my ego. Now that…is a different story. :-)

        • lauramunson

          I love this. I will pass this on to my writer friends who feel like social media is all about self promo and whoredom. I felt a bit like this at first, but I’ve come to find exactly what you’re talking about here– about souls meeting souls without body. Thanks, SB!

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    • lauramunson

      Thanks, Lee for finding my blog and for giving La Belette Rouge and yrs truly a shout out. I thought your piece was extremely helpful. I find social media to be at its best, generous. At its worst, knee-jerk. I think we can set the tone on our blogs re: what to attract. I am very thankful for my generous cyber community. Welcome. yrs. Laura

  4. So nice to see La Belette Rouge here too!

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