Back to School– a mother's bemoanings

Check out my Back-to-School piece on my Huffington Post blog.  Maybe you can relate…  A freshman in high school.  Another in Middle school.  Where is it all going? 

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4 Responses to Back to School– a mother's bemoanings

  1. Catherine Crawley

    I just love your writing. You capture raising children so well. As a mother of just a 3 year old, I imagine these vivid scenes being played out in years ahead. Sigh. I look forward to reading each new post, and hopefully one day, your novel!

    • lauramunson

      Thanks, Catherine. Play with those three year old feet while they still let you. So far I’ve learned that they are the same creatures now as they were when they were wee. They just have bigger vocabularies and know how to play your game. Have fun! yrs. Laura p.s. and thanks for the nice things you said about my writing. Means a lot.

  2. Today my husband left for his first day at a new job that will take him hundreds of thousands of miles away from me both physically and emotionally. Where I once yearned for the quiet of my house, to have all four children in school and my routine back, I now sit at my computer ecouraging myself to write. Instead I cry. I cry for lonliness, I cry for the summer days gone by, I cry because I am now getting what I wished for. Your article couldn’t have been any more poignant and descriptive of the yearning of a mother for both her own life and her life with her children. Thank you for allowing me to see that I am not alone.

    • lauramunson

      Wendy, you are not alone, and I’m so glad if my book could help you to know that. Thanks so much for sharing this. Remember that your writing is, quite possibly, if you’re like me, your prayer, your meditation, your way of life and sometimes your way TO life. Keep writing, no matter what. Through tears especially. Yrs. Laura

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