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Here’s a Q&A I did for the great Blog: The Traveling Writer by Alexis Grant. She takes an interesting social media spin in her questions. Check it out by clicking here.

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  1. Hey Laura…I’m working through some of your earlier posts here between spats of editing work and the gym.

    This blog you mention here conjures up a travel blog of another kind I’d like to share with you…a buddy of mine from my college days at Arizona State decided a few years back to hang it all up and set sail around the world on his own. You can read about Captain Bob’s adventures at ~ I’d say try to start at the beginning and work your way through chronologically…it will take some time to read through, but serves as a fascinating account of soldiering through trials and challenges to keep a dream alive. Bob’s like a modern-day hybrid of Hemmingway and Cousteau.

    This is the use of the blogging concept at its fullest, in terms of reporting from abroad and functionality…the blog was born for this reason. When you run into post comments by “Sweva” (with the scowling cartoon face) that would be me.

    If you’re a fan of travel books and travel writing, ~The Blue Water Log of the Yacht Barraveigh~ should be right up your alley…yet another example of how real life stories continue to deliver and fascinate.

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