Michael Franti and "Normal"

LOVE this video. Makes me SMILE!
Okay– I know I’m supposed to be taking a week off but I am so blown away by this spirited human being that I had to share. My husband and I took a night to ourselves down in Missoula yesterday to see Michael Franti and Spearhead, and we happened to dine at the same restaurant. The whole band was right in front of us and we couldn’t help but ogle because we so love this man’s message of spreading love and goodness, and there he was, walking the walk. It was this great group of people sharing and laughing and sipping on wine– truly enjoying each other. No one was shooting heroin (not that we saw, anyway.) Talk about a new paradigm for rock stars. You know when you’re around somebody who lights up a room and makes the world a better place? My husband and I were just basking in this man’s great energy. I couldn’t help myself and I went over and told him how great I thought he was and apologized for being another fan wanting something from him but asked if we could have a photo with him. For some reason, when I approached him, these words flew out of my mouth: “I’m just a normal person, and I really appreciate what you do.” He smiled and said, “I’m just a normal person too.” Whatever normal is, may we all be this kind of “normal.” It was a great date. My husband and I are still smiling.

p.s. they do YOGA together as a band. And the concert was just one big ball of positive loveliness. It ended with a bunch of grade school kids on the stage rocking out and dancing. Had to share. I’m a little bit twitterpated.


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  1. That is so cool! I’m glad you went over to say hello. I love his music. The Sound of the Sunshine makes my mornings.

  2. What a great photo — and the video is great. Thanks for sharing.

  3. How serendipitous. What a date night you’ll never forget, I’m sure!

    Enjoy your time off, Laura. Ah, for some time off…

    • lauramunson

      My taking time off is not really working all that well so far today, but I’m about to go out on the river with the family and veg. Nothing like a river to take your cares away. Blessings back atchya, Steph.
      yrs. Laura

  4. I *love* that they do yoga together as a band….it reminds me of the days when our kids were little and we all did yoga together on our living room floor with the coffee table pushed to the side….

    Thank you for sharing your story with us.

    XO, Karly

    • lauramunson

      What a lovely image of your kids in the living room doing yoga! Now they’re in the living room doing Wii unfortunately, at least in this house. But soon to be out on the river on this fine summer day. Hope you’re having a good one down there, Karly. xoLaura

  5. People like that make me want to be a better person! Thank you for taking a moment from your week off to spread more love!!

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