A Boy and a Dog








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9 Responses to A Boy and a Dog

  1. Love them all. That said, nothing like a dog shaking it off to make me smile the big smile. Adorable.

    • lauramunson

      Shaking it off. We could all learn a lot from a dog. It knows it’s gonna get back in the water, but it, in the moment, needs to reboot.

  2. Beautiful shots. I know what you mean about rebooting.

  3. HonestAndTruly

    Those are some great photos with a lot of emotion. I love the series of shots and am now officially jealous of your ability as a photographer. Please tell me you have a nice fancy camera so I can continue to blame my little point and shoot!

    • lauramunson

      I confess it’s a point and shoot. But I get given really great opportunities out here in Montana. Thanks for saying hi. May your summer be full full full in the way you desire. yrs. Laura

  4. Great shots! They tell a wonderful tale.

  5. Heehee. These would make a great flipbook. What a story they tell.

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