Penguin Water Cooler Chat Transcript


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4 Responses to Penguin Water Cooler Chat Transcript

  1. Have you thought of using that for your newsletter chats? I think it’s free. I entered the newsletter chat late and couldn’t get the new messages to appear until it was all over. At any rate this is just a suggestion that might make it easier to have real time chat with you. Also I’ve heard Ning is a good. You’re doing a great job reaching your audience. I very much appreciate your warmth.

    • lauramunson

      Katie! I will look into in asap. I’m sort of a techno peasant. I love being able to share with people so this might be just the ticket. yrs. Laura

  2. Cindy

    At work on 8 million deadlines…can’t be with you guys but sending warm cheer, as we finally have a sun to send…

  3. Laura, I want to reiterate how much I enjoyed being a part of your open forum! Sharing thoughts and ideas in “real time” with like minded folks felt cozy – like sipping tea together on your porch, wrapped in blankets.

    I am now reading Julie Mertz’s book – “Perfection” – after you directed me to her comments about silent retreats.

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