The Art of Stopping

I am so thankful for all the people who stopped by on my first open forum. Tonight we talked about the Art of Stopping. We went from wondering why it is so hard to stop our busy lives and just receive what there is to observe in the mundane, to being committed to saying YES to life. You can view our chat on this blog at The Art of Stopping.

Thanks for inspiring me to go outside and stand there and behold, recieve, and say…YES.


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  1. Cindy

    Check FB for my moment outside…I’m sending you flowers…Thanks for the great chat. And, thank the heavens…no George Lopez…

  2. Geri

    Hi Laura read your book/ appreciate your honesty but jealous of you and your Dad’s relationship!. dont know how that feels mine left when I was quite young/ it still hurts and I’m 76 but reading your words and writing helps me too. keep shining that light my way as I have a lot of dark places in me. A poet for sure perhaps! also have a book which I may get to b 4 its to late. you inspire me as a woman and a writer too.also love your husbands take on all this / I think you are definitly a success because of the men you were lucky enough to love back regardless. Love like you’ve never been hurt aye! also . A line I fell in love with of RLS. “The world is so full of such a number of things we should all be as happy as kings ! true! And of course” forgiveness is the fragrance of the flower on the heel that has crushed it too” I forgive but forgetting is the thing aye! But i’m working on it vis a vie my passion for poetry and prose. God Bless
    love geri

    • lauramunson

      You have given me such great words and images today to chew on! Thank you, Geri! You must be full of so much light and so MANY words to play with. I want to read your poetry! yrs. Laura

  3. Thanks again, Laura. I blogged about our forum conversation:

    • lauramunson

      Ringo is 70?! Can’t believe it. Thanks for being such a great part of last night. I woke up today and decided to only focus on my kids. Garden. NOT WORK. And lo…found out an essay of mine got accepted into the NYT LIVES column for July 25. Surrender it is. So much thanks for all your great words and ideas. Mouse running around office and I’m eeeking more than I’d like to admit!!! Surrender???? yrs. Laura

      • Congratulations!

        I’m good with surrender to the Universe. Surrender to a mouse? Maybe not.

        BTW–in comments on my post, someone I don’t know commented that she bought your book after reading my post on it. Definitely not the reach of the NYTimes, but I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to help spread the word. Your work deserves the broadest possible audience.

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