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Based on the amazing notes I get every day, I’ve been thrilled to see how people seem to really appreciate the raw honesty and vulnerability in my book. It inspires me because vulnerability is my most cherished character trait in a person. And if my writing can help people to not feel alone, then it’s all worthwhile being the main character. To that end, I’ll be doing a monthly newsletter, starting in July. I’ll choose a theme and write about it in the newsletter, and then send it to the subscribers to my website. Then, on the announced date, there will be a discussion here on my blog in which people can share about this theme with me there to share as well. Since I moderate the comments, I’ll be sure to keep it safe and constructive. If you’d like to participate, go to my website and sign up: The newsletter sign up is on every page but Home on the left margin. The newsletter will come to your email address and give all pertinent information re: time, theme etc. I look forward to what we can co-create on the page in heart and mind and honesty! yrs. Laura


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  1. Monica Brinton

    I would like to be included in your monthly “Haven” newsletter. I hope this is the correct process for the sign-up. Thank you!

    I loved your book!

  2. Your desire to help people not feel so alone, to shed light in dark places is very close to my own author statement. It’s what’s driven me to write all these years. Like you before this book, I’ve worked hard at my craft, drafting and revising submitting my novel multiple times over so many years I’m ashamed to say. I have drafts of a couple memoirs and novels and I guess need to unhook from the novel and get to work on the other work including the above mentioned blog that is set up but not started yet.

    Thank you for making yourself available for this blog discussion. And for your very, very fine memoir that tells us how to be happy in a troubled time (something I also have been attempting to practice for several years now.)

    Blessings and all good things.

  3. Count me in for the “Haven” newsletter too! I have learned so much from your words and the action behind your words.
    Thank you!

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