The Simple Things

People keep asking me how, during the hard time in my marriage depicted in my book, I was able to commit to staying calm. Choosing moment by moment to exile those destructive thoughts we all have that nag at us to react and fight. Well, I had gotten sick of those thoughts. REALLY sick of them. There is so much truth in the concept that the end of suffering begins with the end of wanting. And for me that meant truly putting my mind and heart into the present moment and the act of creation. That’s all that really exists anyway. Not the past or the future, but right now. And this is what I just noticed in my kitchen just seconds ago, when I was getting my second cup of tea this morning. It doesn’t take any amount of money or spiritual moxie to stop and admire an egg and its shadow in the sunlight on the cutting board. Life’s little sculptures.

Something about an egg
and its shadow
in the sunlight
on the cutting board

Not unlike William Carlos Williams’ red wheel barrow and white chickens. What can you see right now, in this moment in your life that is simple and stuns you with its beauty?


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2 Responses to The Simple Things

  1. Autumn

    Something about a cathedral
    and its peaks
    reaching up skyward
    to touch the billowing clouds

    sitting here in my cube in the west end of dc, looking out to see the national cathedral peeking out from the treeline to meet the sky. simple, elegant, spiritual beauty juxtaposed with my humble, gray, metal cube.

  2. Something about the sound
    of my small children
    talking and laughing together
    playing in another room

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