The View Out My Bedroom Window

If I look out my window right now, at this moment in my life, it’s the exact pink and ash lavender sunrise on snow-laden conifers…the exact photo I chose when I started this blog last May. Eight months ago, when I decided to take things under my own control and start this blog. As some of you may remember, it was more of a literary journal than a daily back and forth. More of a sharing of my world in Montana and my writing– that I could create, without having to face more rejection from publishers. I began it with surrender. Little did I know what that surrender would bring, in just two months. Little did I know that in just a matter of weeks, my 20 year old dreams would come true.

So as the sun rises this morning in a very new 2010, and the view from my window brightens and loses color, I encourage the act of surrender. I feel as powerful this morning as I did that morning in May when I created this place to share my writing. The simple act of creation is what makes me want to press my nose against the cold window pane and say, “Thank you.”


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  1. A.Q.S.

    You inspire me. Those are all the words I have to offer–maybe one day, more, but for now, you inspire me.
    Thank you.


    (not sure how to email you —you don’t have to post this part on her, it really is for you, you can edit and delete this portion…i just wrote this about my own writing journey and wanted to share with you but didn’t know how and here was your most recent post exactly on point! please read when you have time: )

  2. A.Q.S.

    This I believe: When the weight of your message through your project, art, performance, or words outweighs your desire and need to share as compared with the need for the world and universe to receive it, the enterprise takes a life of its own.

    • lauramunson

      I believe that too. Thank you for putting it so eloquently.

    • lauramunson

      THANK YOU! I am learning this.

      • read the about page of your new fancyshamancy website ms. laura and i was so touched, inspired, comforted, etc. i loved the choice of words: ‘arch from within’ out to the world.

        may your light continue to assist even more people.

        who said honesty is only a virtue for virtue’s sake? it pays! hehe!

        write on.

        thank you.

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